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Hi, I am trying to generate 2 complementary sinusoidal PWM signals using msp430g2553. I want to use those as unipolar SPWM to drive a full-bridge. Spec: Reference Signal = 50 Hz Triangular Signal = 2.5 kHz pwm period = 0.4ms or 400 us dead time between 2 signals = 1 us (this is why I am using up/down mode and Timer1_A3) However, I am g
Hi, I'm new to Simplorer but I heard it's supposed to be a very good simulation program, so I wanted to give it a try. I'm trying to generate a sinusoidal pwm but I had a problem at the very beginning. When I try to generate a high frequency triangular carrier waveform, program acts weird and shows cramped triangles. I even tried it (...)
Hello Masters. I'm posting this... because I need your professional comments. If it's possible I would like to know, how can I generate a sinusoidal signal, of course the amplitude should be from -1 to 1. Thanks in advance. if you are dealing with a low frequency, e.g. less than 5KHz, a digital potentiometer
Take a look at these: Generation and Implementation of Sine Wave Table Generation of sine wave using SPWM in PIC16F684 Feedback in sine wave inverter (PIC16F series based) ww
Hi, I know PLL is used to generate clocks at higher frequencies than reference clock ... but is it used to generate sine waves too ? thanks
I am making a pure sine wave inverter . In an intermidiate stage i have to drive the mosfets using SPWM. so anyone please tell me how to generate sinusoidal PULSE WIDTH MODULATION using ARDUINO board.??
%program to generate sine wave f= input('enter the frequency in hertz of the sine wave'); t=0:.0001:5; y=sin(2*pi*f*t); plot(t,y); ylabel ('Amplitude'); xlabel ('Time Index'); TITLE ('Sine wave'); %with samples t = ; % Time Samples f = 500; % Input Signal Frequency fs = 8000;
PSpice does not use any scaling. i.e. a pure sinusoidal wave for "F" Hz and peak amplitude "A ", would generate FFT with fundamental component at F Hz and peak value of this component "A" Hope this helps.
Hi all, I am trying generate the harmonics from a signal and combine with original signal with Matlab. ie original signal+; what is the best way to accomplish this?
Hi, The most common method is to use sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM), ie PWM (square wave signals where you continuously vary duty cycle according) is used to generate a sinusoidal wave shape. For control of speed, a simple and common method is constant V/F drive. You can read these
Hi, If you're distorting the signal using transistors then you're using them incorrectly. The way I'd do it is to use current mirrors, use a good quality op amp to generate a sinusoidal voltage, convert that into a current, then either use transistors with differing current gains to generate the level of current you need to drive the LEDs (...)
how to generate the sinewave pwm using compare mode in ccp for ccs compiler.. please help me :-D You want to generate SPWM by comparing sinusoidal and triangular wave. But, triangular wave at frequency 1kHz is high that PIC speed can't generate using DAC
Hi Marius, instead of generate sinusoidal waves with PWM, DAC or an analog waveform generator, you can use your microcontroller (or other digital circuit) for generate a square wave at f0 and f1. Then, filter the square-wave FSK with a low-pass or passband filter. That filter has to pass the band centered at about 20 KHz, and the lower (...)
Hi, I Have certain doubts. ATMega 16 supports 8 bits while AD9833 requires 16 bit data, how is this achieved? I want to generate sinusoidal waveforms of different frequencies ranging from 100kHz-1MHz. How do i implement this in the program? What is a frequency word? Do i feed in the frequency word to the microcontroller?
In the past I used a MCP4101 digital pot which has an SPI interface to generate sine waves of approx 2KHz MCP41010 not sure if it would work at 5KHz but worth considering the alternative is a DAC - for example I used Integra development boards with Texas DSP processors and h
Hi all, I have designed a DAC. Now I want to test it. I want to apply a digitized sinusoidal signal as a input. But I do not know how to generate such kind of input signal. Could you please advice. Do you have a such example. Thanks in advance.
how to generate sinusoidal pwm pulses using microcontroller by comparing sinewave of 50hz and triangular wave of 3khz
i need to generate triangular wave using matlab for sinusoidal pwm.....can u suggest ....some methods.....i m using matlab7.8 version
Hello everyone. Can any body plz tell me how to implement sinusoidal PWM using PIC micro. I have read quiet a few application notes regarding its use but i want to understand how does a single microcontroller can generate sinusoidal waveform in conjunction with the inverter bridge. Plz help.
Hi, You simply can't generate a sinusoidal PWM using this method. In your for loops, you are updating the duty cycle several times before one period of the PWM is completed. The comparator will miss lots of cycles and output useless PWM signals. You can use the timer interrupts and a look-up table containing the duty cycle values corresp
i,m using inverter to control the speed of AC induction motor. switching for this inverter by using tyristor or IGBT. 3 phase PWM were be the pulse for this switch..i use 1khz freq for triangular wave and 50hz for sinusoidal wave, by comparing this 2 wave PWM was generated. i want to know, capture mode and compare mode is the right choice to genera
Hello friends I developed single phase sinewave inverter usin PIC 16F886 micro controller.I have used sinusoidal PWM technique to generate sinusoidal pulses.I am getting sinewave at out of transformer this sinewave is maintaining at buld loads very nicely and aslo voltage is controlling low battery of 10.5 volts also i
In MATLAB, there are two types of "Sine Wave" generator (see figure below). One can be found in Simulink library, and another one can be found in Signal Processing Blockset (SPB). When the "Output complexity parameter" of SPB "Sine Wave" block to Complex, it will generate complex sinusoidal signal. What is the different between the sinewave g
Here is the clue... So if you want to listen 500Hz sinusoidal, generate enough data sample with linspace function. Then feed this data sample into MATLAB's built in function which will convert them into sound. Sorry, I cant remember the function name right now, but its easy enough to find in MATLAB demos and just google it. Hope this h
Hi friends can anyone tell me how to calculate values for sine look up table to generate 220V rms value using sinusoidal adc is 10 bit adc,output frequency is 50Hz.
The PWM generated by a microcontroller will give you a square wave, then you will need to apply a process to convert it to sinusoidal, like a filter.
hello Guys I want to know how to generate a sine wave using 16F876A + H-Bridge Driver ?? without using DAC
Hi all, i have a quartz at 100MHz square wave i want to generate 500MHz sinusoidale at output wich component or circuit can do this???? thank s in advance regards
I don't know if it can be done or not. My thought is Pass the input signal to a F2V then V2I to generate the required current Use current mirror which multiplication and pass thru ICO to generate final sine wave. There, you can use the multiplication to act as multiplication or division
hi fndz,iwant a programe for sinusoidal pulse width modulation using pic microcontroller,please any one knows post it . or if any one knows how to generate sinusoidal signal in pic controller(programe) just post it.
After extensively googling I found no valid circuit to generate two sets of triphasic sinusoidal signals simulating the V of a genset and its load. It should be able to change phase of I wrt V. Peak value 3 to 5 V is enough. I feel that something with shif registers would be the way to go. If ready made, would be better. Taking signals from r
if u just need a single tone, then u can store the values for the sine in a ROM and throw it out on each clock. If u need different tones to be generated, then u have to implement a Phase Accumulator also.This concept u can get it easily if u go through any of "DDS" or "NCO" implementation. search in google for NCO or DDS.