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EMC compliance must be achieved for the final product with typical application wiring (power supply, signal and communication cables). I don't understand what you mean by "have to define dB levels for both"?. Conducted emissions are measured at the external power supply lines, possibly also other external cables. Question is which modules are ex
I'm designing a PCB that has no earth ground but there are lots of connectors with shielding pins such as USB, Ethernet, and HDMI also their TVS diode to protect from ESD. This PCB has to pass the EMC tests, especially the immunity test, with success. I used a CMC filter in the input supply of the circuit, there are no Y capacities because there is
I was wondering what?s this called and if there is a way to test it
Hi, I am a Newbie here and concerning electronics! I think I have understood some basic principles, concerning volt/ohm./amp., and I am learning from a lab kit, with described experiments.. Since this kit is out of date, I think, I am allowed to post it here, concerning only my question. Why doesn't this work out, as described? "Push butto
Hello, I want to generate a parameterized register chain in Systemverilog. The goal is to have both the width and depth of the chain to be overridable compile time parameters. I aslo want the register chain to have an asynchronus reset - and the "default_value" to also be a parameter. Is the code below correct ? How should I define "defau
Run a 555 timer IC to generate a pulse train. Apply varying voltage to pin 5. This alters duty cycle. It's the makings of a class D amplifier. 159514 The LC network acts as a low-pass filter, second order. Its values need to be customized to the load and frequency. A load should always be connected so that the LC network
Stupid question, maybe: Why mess around with the sensor side of things, why don't you just modify the output circuit to be controlled by the switch? And what do you mean 'it transmits a 1'? Is it a serial stream, or do you mean it goes high? And, what do you mean "It is OK to generate more than one digital signal "1"? As Brian says, show us your ha
Hi, when iam simulating my patterns. i got few errors. the errors are like simulated 0 expected 1 at some pins. can anyone explain why these kind of mismatches will occur?
Most likely a negative ion source. Some 'purifiers' generate small levels of ozone, claiming it makes the air purer although more likely it produces a slight scent to make people think it does more than it really does. If that's what it is, it will have a high negative voltage on it, enough that you might see a tiny glow around it in the dark but
Hi, I have a custom block that needs special scan test pattern. What are the tetramax commands to read in user created test patterns for a particular scan chain and run atpg to generate and report faults ?
I want to put a delay in my code to wait for a random number of seconds before going forward. I'm new to C and coding in general so I tried to patch together two example functions I found (random and delay), but so far it's not working. This is what I have so far: // generate a random number between 1 and 5 int random() { int
Does your single-ended amplifier have a capacitor somewhere in the output stage? If combined with an inductor (or transformer), then it's possible for LC resonant action to generate unexpected large voltage swings... particularly if no load is attached.
Hi All, Can anyone list out a few DRC rules specially formulated for double patterning in lower tech nodes like 7nm etc ? Thanks, Aditya
Hi, My friend is doing electronics with no esd mats on the desks or floor or anything. Its an an office with a (non esd) office carpet. He's handling FETs and ICs and DCDC modules. Do you confirm that this is a bad idea?...bad enough to call time on it, since the prototypes are for customer demo's and may fail in front of customer due to esd
This video include how is it made HID software with RAD Studio (DELPHI) you can use stm32f103 custom hid example and Custom hid PC software
I have set Rds on of LDO using model card 159521 I have obtained 178mOhm Now i have to use in LDO as pass transistor can i directly use this so that Ron will be the same for dropout test case? How should I move forward in developing LDO simple control loop (Pass element, EA , Feedback divider)? Share some of the ex
Hi, I have a dft setup where there are 8 blocks of logic to be scanned. I was thinking of using define_test_mode A0 -usage -scan -encoding {test 0 test 0 test 0 test 1} . . . and create the 8 test modes. These 8 blocks will have one common scan input and one common scan (...)
Hello, i have an EFR32FG14 board which physicly looks like in the photo bellow. I ran The following Code where they say that PC10 is my output In the following manual shown in the link bellow there are two places on the board where PC10 could be found as shown in the photos bollow. Which one of them has my output signal? Thanks. https://www.
I guess test case means a particular test which has defines the certain inputs and expected outputs? Can you define test case more properly for a novice? And I'm also wondering who writes the test cases for ICs? Verification engineers or test engineers?
Besides spectrum analysers and oscilloscopes what other equipment is needed to be learned to perform testing Analog ICs and blocks? And who defines the standards for such characterization tests? IEEE? (I would like to hear especially from who has been in such a lab)