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Hi, I'm using TetraMax to generate test patterns for a counter-based verilog circuit demo. The counter module only has one output, i.e. out. After 2^3(8) clock cycles the out will be at 1 when the input is 4'1011. I add a stuck-at-0 fault to the output, and a pattern to make the output be '1' is expected. However, (...)
If I have understood correctly, you are looking for ATPG (Automatic test pattern Generation) tools. Cadence Encounter. Synopsys TetraMax. You have to generate different test-patterns to check various faults.
Hello All, Can any one brief me about why we require chain test pattern during ATPG/pattern simulation? And what will happen if we dont generate it? Thanks & Regards, Maulin
When you say scan chain testing ... it has lot of meaning, so please be specific. ing I think u are asking about the stuck at 0 or stuck at 1 scan testing , there are 2 types of testing, 1. transition testing 2. stuck at 0 or stuck at 1 testing stuck at 1 or 0 , you need to (...)
How can i start with Cadence Encounter ATPG Tool, i have a verilog design file with me and i want to generate test patterns for this design what is the procedure to do so? Can anyone give me any link or tutorial to generate test patterns using this tool
Waveform generator (WG) is a piece of electronic test equipment used to generate electrical waveforms. These waveforms can be either repetitive or single-shot in which case some kind of triggering source is required. The resulting waveforms can be injected into a device under test and analyzed as they progress through it.
I want to know about the 2 D array in clock1 , a johnson codeword is clock2 the johnson codewords xor with a seed.This is done for all johnson codewords.first codeword xor with bit 0 of seed, 2nd codeword xor with s1 of seed and so on.For this whether we have to generate first the codewords ,then store it in an array or whether
ATPG generates the pattern for particular fault it totally depends on the fault which can be as per my opinion,Not possible to generate test patterns with lots of dont cares.
Dear All, I have a question on delay path fault test pattern generation. As we know, to test the delay path fault we need two test vector, v1 and v2. V1 is to initialize the circuit, and V2 applies to the circuit to generate a transition on the path under testing. Given a path under (...)
Hello All, What is the procedure for Functional pattern generation for Functional testing? I think there are two types of pattern.1) scan test pattern 2) Functional pattern So how functional pattern (...)
Hello Friends, I am new to DFT. So please help me to clear my following doubts. 1) What us the meaning of Flush test? How pattern generate for flush test means how flush pattern generate? using any tool? 2)Why we need to do zero delay and unit delay simulation? 3)How to verify that the (...)
Hi, I am using FastScan to generate test patterns for a Combinational benchmark circuit. I got the compacted test patterns set and the faults list. But I want to know the fault list each pattern detects. For example, I have only 4 test patterns in the (...)
TETRAMAX generate test pattern and use ncverilog to sim,take no timing info, but it report error, what is the question , thanks,
hi guys. There are two scan chains in my design.And one chain is longer than the other. I use tetramax generate test pattarns. When i sim the patterns ,the lack bits of the shorter chain will show unknow state. Is there any way to avoid this question? thanks!
hai, Can any one help me out in knowing answer about BIST. I need a small clarification as how BIST is tested or verified that the pattern generated by BIST is right/ correct. for Eg.. we are testing a bench mark circuit so when it is tested in BIST it will generate a (...)
yes you could simulate. normaly the atpg tool could generate a verilog test bench that read an input file that contains the scan vector and compare with an other file which contains the output scan vector. So you have the test bench from the ATPG tool, the netlist used by this atpg for the DUT and a sdf file for timing annotations.
You can use an ATPG (Automatic test pattern generation) tool to generate the input sequence (test patterns). Eg : Tetramax (Synopsys), Fastscan (Mentor Graphics) @Tushar : Note its "stuck-at" fault not "struck-at"
i know how to generate to test patterns of a ciruit using tetramax but i was wondering can we generate just one test pattern for a certain fault that we know. for example in the circuit shown below the dot represents fault stuck at 0. tetramax generates 6 (...)
are you trying to say that u just want to test the coverage of a particular module in your design(chip). for that case you can set all the other blocks as black boxes and simulate your design if you are trying to generate the test vector for the whole design just go for run_atpg -auto i am not getting what do you mean by stimuli file in this case
I want to generate a 10bit digital signal of a sinwave for the pattern generator to test a 10bit DAC. I device I use is Agilent's Logic Analyzer. It need to import a csv file for the test. So can anyone tell me how to generate the csv file? Thanks a lot.