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Hi, I'm generating SPWM using PIC16F684 microcontroller for inverter circuit . I followed Tahmid's blog link and using his code to get SPWM output. I have simulated the design on Proteus i got the similar output as his, but when i build this design on h
Many unclear points. What is the purpose of the inverter, what is "load bank", exactly which component is generating noise? Are you sure the drive signal is continuous?
generating frequency modulated square waves is a completely different from replaying Audacity waveforms. Like betwixt I believe that any processor with hardware timer output can generate the intended tones with acceptable quality for an alarm siren. The "only" problem is to write suitable software. I also believe that insisting on (...)
I was thinking that the Pic is generating a stepped sinewave and the transistors are a crude linear amplifier. Then the transistors will heat as much as the load.
How can i change the frequency of arfuino i wanna generate and compare triangle and sine wave with different frequency
Your diagram generates AC pulses. It illustrates the theory behind generating spwm. However you require a slightly different concept if you wish to generate DC pulses. (That is, if you plan to drive transistors/ mosfets.) You need to shift the sawtooth into the positive region during the time the sine is in the positive. That is how to generate po
generating Sine wave is very demanded job in power electronics field. So do to me too. I read some topics over the internet and found many ways to generate a sine wave. As most of you are really interested in generating sine wave so I?m writing today about it here. There is some different ways out there (...)
I am looking for circuit for generating varying PWM signal I my application I have used astable multi-vibrator circuit to generate square wave, but I want to vary it's width.
Hi, That's why there are interrupts and internal periferal hardware. I don't know the internals of the 89s52. The easiest way for a 1s pulse is to set up a timer/counter periferal as wave generating mode. Then you should be able to choose frequency and duty cycle. Once set up it needs no additional processing power, and no code. The is a hardwar
Many ways to do this, but first, why does your 100mV P-P sine wave HAVE 500mV offset? That sounds like there's something wrong with your software, or DAC. Unless you are INTENTIONALLY generating your sinewave this way. You can use an inverting op-amp with a gain of 1 and a 250mV reference on the opamp positive input. You can use a (...)
Hi, i want to make a circuit generating the triple frequency of base frequency (10MHz).. Can anyone help me?..
I consider that long wavelength of received pulse compared to dimension of circuit makes these challenges. Is it true? Not particularly "dimension of circuit". The article is obviously describing a (low frequency) echo-sounding apparatus, mpst likely using a single transducer generating and receiving sound pressure. It's not spe
thanks everyone for your replies , one more thing to ask , is sg3525 ic capable of generating this waveform posted by bradtherad?
from pic micro controller i am generating 100khz square wave signal. i am feeding the square wave to 6n136 optocoupler but the output of optocoupler is phase inverted in order to correct it i am using 557 transistor. my doubt is can i use 557 transistor for switching 100khz frequency is there any other way. i want to just optoisolate (...)
If you don't use Interrupts and use a delay or any other process in the while(1) loop then that piece of code will also have to be executed each time the outer while(1) is executed. If timer is used you get precise waves. What else do you want to do other than generating two square waves ?
I don't think that generating such file is easiest way :) I usually write my own block in Verilog-A with my parameters. But if you don't want do it, there is other way - in ahdlLib you can find "multiplier" block, connect to one from input pins Vsin, and source with modulating waveform to second, result - output sine with amplitude value sets by
hi nea, Download this free loops tool, very useful. Also I would use one of the PIC Timers with an interrupt for generating the Freq. E
I was following this tutorial Written by tahmid, I am confused with couple things, Why TOP value is chosen as 999 and not something else (like 1200 or 499) is this just to set the PWM frequency to 16 Khz or is there some oth
Hi, thanks for starting this thread. Many concepts are connected in this topic. Some concepts seem paradoxical. Not easy to get an intuitive grasp on. Example, we can make a square wave easily, without needing to know anything about generating sine waves. We just switch a DC source on and off. It might have led me to claim, therefore, (...)
Hello i have made transformer based pure sine wave inverter by generating spwm from microcontroller. so i am trying to make this simple inverter to work as 'on grid' inverter. what changes are required. regards