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"Weak" and "strong" are not consistent across logic generations or styles. But certainly an open-collector or open-drain with a pullup (or pulldown, as may be) is deliberately weak in one direction (the "pull") and meant to be overridden by one -or more- attached "strong" outputs. Some logic families have all outputs asymmetric (like ECL, emitt
No LED has 0.6V forward voltage. Forward voltage of different LED types is mainly a matter of basic semiconductor material properties but also specific design details. You'll also notice that specific intensity is quite different between LED colors and design generations. Finally there's a large type variation, high performance LEDs are often sold
At the drain, no prob. But power MOSFETs (at least the older, cheaper generations) want a large Vgs to fully drive down the on-resistance (8V - 12V) and if you are trying to drive a high current at 6V Vgs, you may find the FET is more dissipative than you expect. A "logic level" FET could be a better choice, if it meets the other constraints (co
This shows where Capacitive TransImpedance Amplifiers CTIA were used on low resolution displays but replaced by SF, source follower types in later generations in Table 3
Jazz does. But they want an NDA before they'll cough it up, so anybody who properly has the info is under contract not to share it. Since this is a fairly old flow now, you might find someone who let it slip or put the model text in a paper, etc. over the years. In SBC18, and I believe SBC35 as well, there are generations of SiGe HBT sub-flows
Hi, How to generate eldo netlist from cadence schematic? "si" command is generally used for spectre,cdl,hspice netlist.. Is there a command for eldo netlist generations? thanks
I'm designing an asynchronous FIFO. While the rightmost bits of the write and read pointer vectors are used for the actual write and read addresses - the MSB is used only to set the control flags (almost full \ full \ almost empty \ empty). The signals are defined as follows: signal wp , rp_from_read_clock_domain : unsigned ( x downto 0 )
The Cdg ought to drop for a while as the drain junction pushes back from the gate, but will eventually flatline when the metallization fringing capacitance becomes all that's left. With these FETs perhaps representng different generations, perhaps that corner is just off the chart for the EPC1013, or the device's useful Vds range ends before that
hi all... i'm doing a survey on channel coding techniques used in mobile communications???? advantages and disadvantages of them and improvement in their subsequent mobile generations... could anyone of you pls pls pls pls pls help me out in collecting the information on all these......i'm badly in need of it.pls
hello ..... please providing me matlab code of GENETIC ALGORITHM FOR OPTIMAL ALLOCATION OF DISTRIBUTED GENERATION for 33 bus sysyem.please help me i need it urgently......thanks in advance......
This digital RF power meter is some three generations old, but still useful and quite stable. In my application, the Boonton 4200 is paired with a twin-diode sensor rated to 18 GHz. The sensors have model numbers such as 51017 (8E). I believe the 8E designation was used in Boonton's older analog power meters and 51017 is the newer part number.
you find lot of difference between these generations in different parts of the world.. they are not same.... european countries mobile generation is different then asian, and americans... so it has to be compared geographical area wise.... UK mobile generation dont match indian or asian generations... if we compare 3g,4g,5g,6g,and 7g there
To make our next generations happy. Do you wish to avoid refrigerator and air conditioners in order to protect ozone layer 1978, the United States, Canada and Norway enacte
Did anybody try to put any version of ADS in any type of new generations vector or signal analyzer instrument like CXA N9000 or anything similar? My intention is to make actual image of CXA N9000 operating system, and put it in virtual machine, like vmware is, then run that workstation on a host computer (CXA N9000), and then install ADS. At that p
hello, can any one give me a table contains comparisons between mobile generations plz?
Hello! I want to know about new generation of Transistors I just need a word ... for example HEMT or HBT or HEBT ,.... I need your knowledge about possible future generations. I want to use it as my presentation subject at Electronic Physics Class so if you have another idea that doesn't related to Transistors also great... it'll help me to
hi what is the difference between different generations of mobile communication systems? what's 1G? what's 2G? what's 2.5G? what's 3G? which operate with CDMA?
My guess it should be TMS320C10 DSP not TMS34010 GSP. Used that in late 80's - yearly 90's . Several generations of DSP passed since then. Best bet - try nicely guys from TI they should have something left as museum artifacts.
CMOS process technologies are available from most foundries in these gate lengths : 0.18 ?m, 0.13 ?m, 90 nm, 65 nm, 45 nm etc. What factor determines the scaling from one technolgy to another ? One trend i notice is that there is divide by 2 scaling in every alternate generations , ie, 0.18 /2 is 90 nm, 90nm/2 = 45nm, 0.13/2 is 65 nm etc..
I have 4 parameters for optimization. 3 of them are from the same nature, and the fourth has different nature. how can i manage this problem in MATLAB? for instance, how can i change the forth every 4-5 generations? or: firstly maintain the forth and alter it after some genrations? thanks.