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I am looking to build a device such as shown in the 2 images here. It was called something like "The Sonic Devastator", and sold as a kit or fully assembled by a company named "Future Horizons" - now out of business. It is said to be able to produce an ultra-sonic (very high frequency) sound. I want to build this as a demonstration to some peo
I suggest you record and FFT your power supply noise, then replace mic with a resistor then use a sine signal from a sig generator and compare results. 8 bit PWM will be quite poor for sound quality. It should be a sigma delta type.
in google . you find many circuit. like this.
Manufacturer told me that at full power it can't be run without loading (empty tank). I want to use as a 1 watt 40 KHz sound wave generator into open air.
Hello, we are a cycle / recycling company in London (electronic amateurs with some help from students). we are a facing a problem with a sound system, we have previously powered with 12V leisure batteries. now we have got us a generator 2.2kW max power out put and we need to convert the 220V power output to 12V. The challen
I remember seeing that the sine waveform from an old 8038 function generator IC had sharp triangle peaks. They caused the sinewave to look funny and make a low buzzing sound. But the distortion measured 0.5%. 0.001% distortion looks and sounds good.
Hello all, there are some micro-controllers with COG or complementary output generator to create a complementary PWM signals. I do understand how to create them and etc but do not know whats their use in real life applications and use of dead bands etc. I may sound like a newbie but after searching on google i could only find that these type of PW
As for your pulley/ belt/ gear ratio, the aim is to use the highest ratio that will still let your turbine spin the generator. The more current you try to draw from the generator, the harder it becomes to spin. As a result the turbine slows down. It will take some experimentation to find a gear ratio where you obtain maximum torque from your turb
You can certainly design a very sophisticated electronic system to deter skunks. But you have written that to deter a skunk, that sound of crinkling plastic works well, so- use this idea and make a generator of such sound! Maybe a tiny toy motor driving a cam with a Doritos bag would be the easiest way to go...
Hi All, I need to interface buzzer/ringer in my project to generate various sound (polyphonic, melodious rings) using MSP430G2452. If anybody have developed such application, please share the schematic & code (.c file). Thanks in advance. - Amit
are three analog effect sound synthesizers: Atari Punk Console, Waveform Processing WP-20 and MFOS Weird sound generator. Atari Punk Console (APC): The device is based on NE556. One timer operates as a square wave generator, the other as a impulse generator. The
Hello sir, I want to make circuit using single 555 timer ic so as to make a sound of simple beep beep beep beep.the circuit must have ability to vary the time period for the beep.i don't want to make sounds as it happens in buzzer or emergency door alarms.just simple light sound of beep beep it is possible with a single (...)
Hi guys, I need you guys expert advice. I'm new to vhdl language. My project is to make a musical score generator using VHDL. It will be implemented on a DE2 board,altera. The idea is, when a key/tone is played and the DE2 boards picks up the sound and generate the appropriate musical score. Can anyone help me out with this. Please. Thanks.
anyone know how to create a 1Hz pulse from 50Hz AC power supply? it is used for the CLK input of a digital clock thanks in advance
Maybe you find some idea here............ Download sound Frequency Detector Software: Audio Detector, Metal Detector Treasure Hunter Pro, Note Detector, ... True oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, frequency meter, voltmeter, function generator and distorsiometer for
Hello, I would like a schematic of a simple sound recorder and player using microchips. It will be used to write and play short sound files. I have seen the isd2560 but I was wondering of a more readily available chip version exists. I have seen also this, EPROM AF generator by Harry Lythall which i
Did you configure the Baudrate generator for 1 MHz ?. This together with the 1 MHz fast I2C mode options is all you need to do. Keep in mind that the clock rate is 1 MHz so transmisson of 16 bits takes 18 us to complete !!..
A spectrum analysis is a plot of amplitude against frequency. What are you trying to measure? If the sound source can be a signal generator then you could sweep that. If the sound source is not generated by you then you could maybe use a tunable bandpass filter. The best way would be with a fixed filter, mixers and swept local oscillator (...)
I am working on a small circuit where an LED will activate a photodiode that controls a series of gun, blaster and explosion noises. I am thinking of the 8 sounds that were popular in cheap toy guns. Heres a youtube video of the sounds I am looking for: YouTube - Executor 8 sound Keychain The pr
I am trying to use an audio generator to produce frequencies (1 to 300 Hz), in order to use them as input to a microcontroller. I have taken the output of the sound card, and made a simple circuit with LM393 comparator to produce a 5v TTL pulse. But when I do this and check the output (with a logic analyzer, I don't have a scope) I see that there i