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Hello everyone, I want dspic33fj32mc204 microcontroller sample code with deadtime complementary PWM. if you have please send it.
Hello! Is it possible to simulate and plot a Closed Loop Transfer function in Cadence? I need to determine Jitter Peaking value of my PLL. Thank you. -- Eugene
Hi I want to design an Ethernet SPD ( surge protection) with indication. like most of the SPD's I'm going to use a TVS ( for quick response) and a gas tube. what i need to add is an indication when a lighting hit the communication line and activate the SPD. i want a digital pulse ( that i can count the numbers of activation with a controller
Hello Everyone, I want Arduino code for complementary dead time PWM. Can anyone have please Send it
Hi firstly I am new here and would like to say that I am more of a hobbyist than an expert in electronics, However right now I am working on a phantom powered electret microphone for use as a direcional mic. The design of the mic amp is not mine, and is in a way a balanced output and is powered via the mixer phantom power system. I have (...)
i have researched how to design and build a flyback converter, most websites use ac as input to the flyback converter. they specify a minimum input voltage and maximum input voltage. what should i use as an ac source?
Hi folks, I have a problem with my random led blinker on fpga. 3-4 leds are turning "on" at the same time. Although it is random, what I want is that only one led will be "on" at a time. It seems that there is a problem with my code that the leds are overlapping there on and off states. Before one led turns off, another led (...)
Hello! I need activate load when ttl 3v input low. Is attached shematic will work good?157939
As per page 32 of the attached?. ?Switch Mode power converter compensation made easy ? by Robert Sheehan ?.if you design an SMPS, and you compensate its feedback loop such that it is stable with an output capacitance of C1, say, then obviously it is stable. Now add another capacitance to the output, call it C2?add C2 downstream of C1. Now
Hi everyone, I have this book and see that someone else posted the same question almost 10 years ago, but I recently got this book used and also need the Matlab files. Does anyone still have these? Thanks a lot! -Numa
Hello everyone, I'm having difficulty with the line input impedance of the circular planar antenna signal. Its impedance is 117 ohms and the correct is 50 ohms, I am not able to lower the value. I made modifications to the input increasing the line width and also made an impedance transformer. When I get it down, the whole process on the antenna I
I draw "conical helix antenna on a dielectric sheet" in AutoCAD. I labelled the layers of the helix as layer 1 and cone as layer 2. and then import the drawing from AutoCAD to Solidworks. The file converted into 3D, and I saved it. Finally, I import the into CST. The helix disappeared, and only the cone appeared. Why (...)
Hello everybody, I have been trying to simulate the design of a CPW using HFSS and I would like to analyse a little bit more the losses mechanisms in the simulation. For that I have been trying to compute the losses due to the finite conductivity of my metallic electrodes (defined as volumetric objects and allowing the solver to solve inside of
Hi all circuit designers, I have 2 questions reagarding biasing a LNA, as shown in the capture below: 157930 1/ For what i ve known so far, the R0 resistor is employed as a large enough value to restrict the noise current contribution from current mirror into core LNA devices. However, if I have a stable power supply
Hi all. This common receiver IC is intended to have an application on specific frequencies, so its data sheet does not consider any other uses. Can you smell by reading between lines, if other frequencies could work, like 140MHz with proper tailored tuning components ? Is there any obvious forbidding factors for such frequency shifting ? Or i
Hello, We are doing an SMPS using the DCM3623T50M53C2T00 Vicor DCDC module. We need to know what is the ripple current in the external output capacitors that we must fit. Please either state it (ripple current), or comment on our method of derivation?.. PSU Spec: ???????????????. Vin is 33V Vout is 48V iout is 6A Crossover fre
After turning on Hitachi model:C2128FS, it turns on with horizontal lines on the screen then after 5-10 seconds it turns off!
Hi, How do I get the impedance vs frequency (fig 2.32a) plot of page 33 of the attached in LTspice? The LTspice sim is as attached, but I cannot make it work and cannot get fig2.32a I can get the transfer function plot (fig 2.32b), but not fig2.32a. I am jus
Hi there I am developing a software with nucleo-h743zi board. it has a st-link programmer on board. when I run a led blinker example, I can program and debug my code successfully. but when I add freeRTOS and LwIP , .... to my software, I can program my MCU but I can't debug it. I am using IAR IDE. it shows this message: 157931[/ATT
Hello, We are doing an SMPS using the DCM3623T50M53C2T00 Vicor DCDC module. Please assist us in getting at least 10mR of ESR in our external output filter. What we currently have is as attached. PSU Spec: ???????????????. Vin is 33V Vout is 48V Pout is 288W Crossover frequency of DCM module is 20kHz. The DCM module switches at ~750kHz