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Hi, Thanks for the reply. Can you please send the genuine suppliers contact details. It will be helpful for me. Thanks in advance. Regards, V. Prakash
Does your school have a licence for the ATMEG CPU I am assuming that your school has a genuine version of Proteus. PIC and ATMEG CPU’s require different licenses which are very expensive.
I want to buy a bluetooth headset for my laptop. I am looking for the best product of a genuine company.
What about a 2 stage full wave multiplier? My perceived benefits: One center tapped 500V winding, still 8 diodes, 250V legs = easier snub/tvs/fb. Article about voltage doubler claiming it makes efficient optimum use of a transformer: 'A genuine full wave voltage doubler.'
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The AD8656 opamp you show has very low noise and a very wide 28MHz bandwidth. Your circuit should have a gain of 2 but your oscilloSCOOP shows less than 2. I think the long wires and many rows of contacts on a solderless breadboard is causing the opamp to oscillate at a frequency higher than the 'SCOOP can show. Is your opamp a genuine Analog Devi
I am starting to buy some STM8/STM32 microcontroller dev boards on Ebay and am looking into what programming dongle to buy. I'm getting the MDK-ARM-STM32 IDE from Kiel and would also like to buy a genuine programming dongle from ST. I've been reading up on the ST-LINK/V2 and ST-LINK/V2-ISOL (a difference in cost by about $50). From what I see
Oxford dictionary knows broadband, not wide-band, suggesting it's a genuine British word.
ULTRASONIC SENSOR : HC-SR04 Ques: what is the maximum time echo pin remains high ? OR what is the time taken by the ultrasonic burst to leave and return to the sensor? some datasheet provide it as 38mS ,some 50mS while some 60 mS. what is the actual data? or from where can i get the genuine datasheet for this ?
Your web links do not work - server not found error! However, I would suggest you do NOT buy a PIC development board, instead just by a small general purpose prototyping board. The PIC devices are so simple to use that you will find you 'outgrow' a dedicated board very quickly. I WOULD suggest you buy a Pickit3, preferably a genuin
Did you purchase a genuine LT device? Most of the stuff on eBay, Alibaba and from other Chinese vendor sites are cloned rubbish. We once struggled with a customer design that could not make the performance, only to find some of the LT1028 opamps in the design was purchased through eBay. After we got some good parts, everything behaved as predicted.
No, that makes no difference. The 'Tait' programmer is unofficial and not guaranteed to provide the correct timing or voltages to the PIC so results will vary. Most of the Tait designs are for 16C series, not 16F devices although they are similar. Most likely the problem is that you have set the configuration fuses for high voltage programming (on
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Perhaps a system driver issue. What OS is the computer system running? What revision is the FTDI driver? What version of Python? What version of the USB API? Have you verified the FTDI is genuine and not a counterfeit? FTDI FT232RL: real vs fake There have b
LG Service center in Hyderabad Every customer in Hyderabad needs the genuine and professional services and repairs at affordable or reasonable charges.They prefer the organization who offer fast and proper services to bring their product out of problems or glitches. We are providing the best and genuine door to door services and repairs of yo
In document of TSMC 0.18um CMOS, I can see the following description about Current Density Specification. It's nominal AlCu thickness instead of genuine total thickness. Jrms is root-mean-square current density through a metal line. The numbers given below are for <10degC Joule heating. Jrms <= 8 mA/um(=
Hello friends I would like to understand the Types of ADC and DAC with the SNR Considerations As well i want a weblink or application note of genuine manufacturers.. I googled it but not getting exact informations Regards Marx

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