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Hi all, I am doing a project that needs me to design a NMOS transistor with a channel length of 20 nanometers width dependent usingdevedit command Silvaco tcad tools. As you may know, there are examples provided in the software that I am using to customize in order to get the required channel length. So, I have to modify the silvaco Code to ge
I created structure of tunnel field effect transistor using tcad Synopsys doping and meshing already done but after simulation using des.cmd file ,I am unable to get proper current(Id Vg Characterisitics ) due to some missing model syntax in the physics of device , kindly anyone help me for model or syntax of model behind tunnel FET to (...)
I am working in a avalanche Breakdown property of device and tring to simulate this property for getting Diferrent curve(IdVds and Idvgs curve.) for my MOS device with sentaurus tcad tool. But can not get the desired results.
HI! i have just started to work on this side of electronics and i wanted a quick guide of what softwares are used in analyzing and simulating the gate level architecture of ICs in microprocessor as in Technology Computer Aided Design, or tcad. I want to get into the details of ion implantation and doping of semiconductors. want to know the e
Hello, I am new to Sentaurus tcad and am trying to get a knowledge on SDE command file of HEMT in-built Template of the software. Please throw some light on this. It would be really convenient if I could get an explanation of the commands of the SDE HEMT template. Thank You.
can anyone help me how to design a 65nm nchannel mosfet using silvaco tcad ??? i dont any method trying a lot but didnot get...
hye, can someone give an example on how to write the source code to get dark current? i try to search in the internet, but i didn't get any source code of dark current for PIN Photodiode. thanks :)
Hye, how to insert concentration of In57Ga43As in PIN Photodiode. this is how i declare the materials that i use in my design. by using this source code, i get IV Characteristic material region num=1 y.min=0 y.max=10 InP material region num=2 y.min=10 y.max=15 InGaAs material region num=3 y.min=15 y.max=20 InP than, i try to change th
Hello, I am doing a project that needs me to design a PMOS transistor with 65 nanometer process using Silvaco tcad tools. As you may know, there are examples provided in the software that I am using to customize in order to get the required dimensions. Hence, I have to modify the Silvaco Code to get what I want. But the problem is (...)
Are you still looking for Sentaurus? If you get the solution for this please post it.
I would say that tcad is going to be more and more important in the future but it is a very special tool and very expensive to own. Students get it cheap but corporation pay a lot for each license. Each company will have a small group of people that can do tcad. It usually is in the technology development organization. I believe the (...)
hi can somebody help me to get this .gzp from ----------------------------------------------------------- To download the project: 1. Start an FTP session to, for example: > ftp 2. Type anonymous as the log-on name. 3. Enter your email address as the password. 4. Type binary at the FT
I am doing some research in RF device using ISE tcad 10.0, but i have some problems to simulate the RF characteristic. I don't know how to get the PAE.
How to combine the NMOS and PMOS by using mixed mode device simulation in SILVACO tcad tools. I have already simulated the NMOS and PMOS separately by using SILVACO tcad tools to get the structure of device. I want to know the step by step to setup the mixed mode operation.
What is the best software cross refernece of electronic devices and where to get?