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The usual voltage stabilizers that we use in our homes are either based on transformers and relays, or Servo motors and work on the concept of Tap Changing, however, I came to know about new techniques that use IGBTs and PWM, however I am not getting the clear picture of this. You are perhaps referring to trans
Hello fellow Hobbyists, some days ago some magic smoke came out my SSD, at first glance I thought that was just the glue of a resistor getting hot. I got proven wrong, as I rebooted it didn't recognistse the drive ananymore. An important side note might be that the SATA Data connection still picked up the SSD, it just didn't had power to run I
From searching and brainstorming I came up with Vertical polarization = Theta polarization Horizontal polarization = Phi Polarization (Correct me if I'm wrong) In my design my antenna is facing in X direction like in the picture 117293 I am using HFSS. For getting the vertical and horizontal polarization I am defin
Hello, From my PADS 9.5V pcb file, I am trying to export ascii 4.0 Version. Requirement from Client. I am getting the error as shown in the attached jpg file. ("Flooding priority was skipped in one or more copper pours because this property is not supported in the selected ASCII format") Has anyone came across this kind of issue before and got s
I yesterday installed OpenSUSE 13.2 for the first time. Along with the installation came a large collection of software in rpm format. After installing few properly like GCC suite now I am getting an error stating "The package installer has encountered unexpected error. Please report the bug." Even rpm downloaded from internet are not working. I
Hi, We are using an customized ASIC for one of application and came across an strange problem. Our flash memory is getting corrupted and due to this product start behaving bad. We are using UART boot loader (with programming interface used was JTAG). We tried writing 00 (with other filled with FF) at one particular segment of flash memory and a
hello everyone I'm doing simulation of GTEM cell using HFSS 11.I had crwated 4 different models of diiferent size and materials.when i simulate 1st model it simulated completely bu for other 2 models simulation completed without getting result.and for the last simulation error came "hf3d error matrix exception: solver out of memory" then i used co
Hello guys, I was working with one technician in getting one motor repaired. Was discussing some 3-phase related things with him. came across one case, where, he was mentioning to use a single phase preventer. Was wondering what it does. He was explaining but couldn't get clarity. I have browsed through several products but couldn't get the c
As the background to this, I've been struggling getting a microchip TCPIP stack based spplication, that came with the demoboard, working properly... In seconds I managed to compile it using C30 by taking out references to "ULToA()"'s. After programming the board with the compiled source, the CLI would work, the wifi and ICMP layers were working (
how u came to know the code isnt working? is it that its not compiling or is it giving errors, or u are not getting the results u want from the code. No one has enough free time to go around ur complete code and find the problems like that !! so details of the problem plz
Hi, This is Denny, a fresher from chennai. I have just finished my masters in embedded systems in UK. Still waiting for my project result to come, other than that i have passed all the theory papers. I have done my UG in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I came in december to India and started searching for jobs in chennai or in banglore. St
I came across a great post about PIC and I think it would help many users who are learning PIC. The original post is located A goldmine for the PIC programmer - All About Circuits Forum , the author of the article is t06afre - - - and he
hi We are designing single element vivaldi using CST. We are getting problem with port . The error message is " waveguide to port 1 is too short, The waveguide must be homogeneous with three mesh planes" . please reply me how to solve that error Mail me to
I was getting some results I did not expect from HFSS. So then I built a simple center fed dipole and once again did not get acceptabel results. Both the gain and directivity came out greater than 2.15 dBi. I've attached this simple model. Comment and set me straight on something I've missed. g
I am having too much problems with noise in the in-built ADC of atmega32 Instead of external voltage I used internal 2.56 Vref and applied the voltage, then I am getting 2.55V for 2.24V. I used a capacitor of 150pf,22pf b/w AREF and ground. I removed the multimeter probes from the breadboard, then a small difference came. But the noise is too
I am getting a ttg unlocked fault on a gps rcvr. I have never seen this acronym
I have an RF counter by Radio Shack 22-305. I was wondering if you could explain to me how to use it properly? I'm just getting started in antenna technology and want to have some idea of how to tune the antenna that I'm working on and would like to know how to use and set the RF counter. I actually came up with an idea to build an antenna t
I would like to add to this, since maybe it will help Doogle and myself... PC soundcards are more than capable today, some with 96k sample rates. Is there a site with code / tutorials on getting started with DSP programming using sound cards?