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Hi firstly I am new here and would like to say that I am more of a hobbyist than an expert in electronics, However right now I am working on a phantom powered electret microphone for use as a direcional mic. The design of the mic amp is not mine, and is in a way a balanced output and is powered via the mixer phantom power system. I have found how e
i have researched how to design and build a flyback converter, most websites use ac as input to the flyback converter. they specify a minimum input voltage and maximum input voltage. what should i use as an ac source?
Hello! I need activate load when ttl 3v input low. Is attached shematic will work good?157939
I had posted about this a couple years ago but never followed through because I found a source of more transmitters for the frequency I was looking for. Now I'm in need of having to convert again. I mapped out the markings on the components of the 433 vs 315 board and found all these differences. Some of markings on the little beige components a
Hi Can anyone provide the circuit for Gaussian White noise source of frequency 6GHz? What are the main components in a noise generator circuit. How we can incorporate different distribution functions in it. If I want a White Gaussian Noise with uniform density function what changes do I have to make in my circuit.
I'm trying simulating my hffs file (.aedt format) on other computer, but this error message appears and can't progress on simulation. "Unknown type of source project. Please check the extension of the source file" Any help..?:(
Dear All, Does anybody source code of Half precision floating-point adder? THX
Hello , In the the photo bellow we have a common mode feedback circuit. Mismatch in currents causes a mismatch in voltages which is amplified and connected to the gates of BIAS pmos transistors on top. But how exactly it fixes the problem ? The output of the OPAMP is an AC signal ,its not a constant DC point, how does exactly putting an AMPLI
Hello , i want to implement the example of simple common source amlifier shown bellow. I have constructed Id/(W/L) as a function of gm_id. we calculated in the example that gm/id=14 which in my plot i got Id/(W/L)=7.7uA i Have W already when i created the plots so i have all the data when i created the plots.I dont know what do i input int
Hello, I have designed simple voltage devider MOS resistor, the circuit is working fine in schematic, with the layout there is no issue, LVS is giving o error. However, in the simulation they are showing very different result, then when I compared the netlist I saw it is different between the schematic and layout, looks like he is mixing between
Hello, I was doing some fixing to my Dell 7559 laptop frame because there were some breaks at the hinges spots and I was trying to fix it with the super glue. But later I noticed that when I move the display it shuts off when I move it forward, and it comes on just with a slight more backward. I didn't realize that the reason the display shut
Hi, I need to generate 4 Mhz clock from 2 MHz clock . I checked clocking wizard/MMCM/PLL , but there input clock range start from 10 MHz. I had read about using rising and falling edge detectors but they fail to give 50% duty cycle. can DDS(direct digital synthesizer ) convert 2MHz clock frequency into 4MHz frequency?? what are the othe
I'm trying to design a open collector circuit that will tolerate 7v across the transistor. The issue i'm having is that the transistor devices in my design kits can only support voltage no larger than 4.5v. Can you suggest anything that I could do to make the circuit more robust? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.157715[/
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Hi Page 52 of the UCC28950 datasheet shows the COMP pin of the UCC28950 PSFB controller being probed with a scope probe. A 1k resistor is appended to the scope probe. Can you please confirm that this 1k resistor is put there to prevent distortion of the COMP pin signal by the leakage current coming through the scope probe? After all, the COM
Hello everyone, I have a 13.56 MHz signal value between 80-100 V. I need to translate these voltages to 0-5 V for my microcontroller with the highest resolution. I understand that I can step down the voltage using a transformer. However, I would like to know an analog circuit example in which I can use instead a transformer. Many thanks in a
Greetings ... a couple of days ago I have been doing a project in ISE 14.5 and for this I need to create an IP that is based on a small project (programmable clock) that I have also implemented in ISE 14.5. I would like to know if it is possible to package the small project in an IP? I leave attached the source code of the top file. `ti
Hi, I have a device which has a QCA6174A module like
Hi all, I have a question regarding the control panel device installed in the gym equipment like this:157619. Would anyone teach me the following questions? 1. what are the main components used for this kind of control panel? 2. is there any popular development kit that can be used to implement the features requir
Dear friends, I completely understand that matched transistor in an array must have the same orientation so my question id different from this case. it is about if for example we have two indivisual matched MOS array, say array A and array B. in either A or B transistors are matched in the same orientation, but when I want to connect array A