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hello, i tried also to manage a 128x64 glcd .. PIC 18F26K22 , Test Afficheur Digitron SG12864-J5 but blocked with grafic functions i only can display texte ... it seem very complicated compare to a nokia 5110 with lower resolution 96x48 maybe it can
Dear All, Today I just received my glcd Blue Colour with 18 Pin , order from Electronics Online Store in My Country. I have searching for this glcd to internet following on the back (board) JHD12864C-C3_D091201, but I am still not sure with the information. Below is the specification from the Store : ============================ LCD (...)
hello to all ... I simulate a graphic lcd 64*128 in proteus and program the micro with codevision avr and atmega64 but just show some point! did you know whats the wrong? tnx from your good site the schematic and code is here 117920 #include #include <glcd.h> #include void main(void)
Hello, I`m using the PIC18 Simulator IDE as a compiler. I've wrote the following code: Define glcd_DREG = PORTB Define glcd_RSREG = PORTD Define glcd_RSBIT = 2 Define glcd_EREG = PORTD Define glcd_EBIT = 3 Define glcd_RWREG = PORTD Define glcd_RWBIT = 4 (...)
Hi!I'm using a display from Winstar nt7108 driver compatible with ks108 and using the glcd library mikro c compiler on a PIC18F452. By connecting the circuit the display shows only half, or just the chip cs1 or cs2 .. Does anyone know help me? The connections of the display are correct, have also tried to change the pins. But the problem remains. I
sory, its resolved some sort of program problem hi, I tested the code, the image are not drawn fully. i will attach the code is there any mistake please let me to know. After successful completion i will post the working code ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///
I facing problem in oriole glcd interfacing with pic16f72. No any interfacing example is provided by oriole India.Also display controller is not regular one.Please provide connection diagram and help in c-source code writing for it. glcd details are as follows: OEL/PD/OGM 12864SLW/A 128*64 Controller IC datasheet ?AVANT (...)
Hi, I've run 128x64 glcds with a 4520 without any problems just using the internal osc at 4 mhz. Suggest you try that and see if it improves things.. ( you don't have the pic and crystal in a breadboard by chance ? ) The Reset pin has never been software controlled, its just connected as a 'power on reset' with a 10k pull up and a 100nf
Hi fatane (salam) codevision avr version 2.05.3 have T6963C library for driver glcd . do you work with it? or solved your problem?
I want to run a LM1264LFC(64*128) display using the glcd library of MicroC. I wrote a simple program after referring the example comes with MicroC 4.60 help. But I was not able to display any thing on the screen. I used PIC16F877A microcontroller. Then I refer the MicroC 6.0 users manaualUnder the glcd library manual noted that this (...)
Hi there ! i have successfully managed to connect a touch screen and a glcd (128*64)to Atmega128 and wrote a simple PAINT program. :grin: now i need some sample c codes or maybe some algorithms for * building Menus on glcd (heirachical menus), * making switches on touch screen * getting some numbers from user (...)
i need c code to drive glcd 240*128 Hi-jacked thread in a wrong forum. What can you expect? ---------- Post added at 15:31 ---------- Previous post was at 15:11 ---------- I am not able to install bind key in cadnece virtuso tool please guide me how to
Dear sir i m working with pic877a with glcd ghd12864e . i m using mikroc compiler and use code which has given in mikroc example for glcd library, but their is all pixel on when i give power on, i have connected 10k pot one pin ground and other to vee and centre point to v0,can some one help me , also i m using 20 mhz xtal, can any one (...)
hi all I'm in the graduation project and I've a problem with glcd 128*64 based on KS108 by using PIC32MX360F256L --- MPLAB "C32" every time I code PIC, the glcd doesn't respond any signal please, I need help Added after 28 minutes: Can someone suggest me example or where
Hi every body. I'm from Brazil and I want a help. I have here a glcd of W200 Sony Ericsson, but I do not have any information about this display. I have programming glcd with 128 x 64 and I think this one is very diferent. If any one have information, like data sheet, I would be very pleasure. I want connect this display with PIC24 series. (...)
hi every body!!!! please help me!!!:cry: i need c code to drive glcd 128*240!!! i dont know how i start....
hi I know that for 2*16 character lcd and avr micro interface, we can use just 4 pin (instead of 8 pin for data). what about in glcd (128*64 graphical LCD)? Is it possible to save some pins like 2*16 lcd?
hi, i just started working on glcd, i have no idea how to beggin. Am using ks0108 controller, 128 *64 LG display.can u pls send me some small programs controlling glcd, using c on 8051.:|
Hi friends, I want to interface glcd (128*64(KS0108)) with microcontroller. first i have tried with Atmel89s8252. I have downloaded the driver from with the 89s8252 the glcd working fine.but i am using C8051F005 from silabs(8 bit RISC,8051 architecture,3.3V).with t
hi anyone knows T6963C (240 x 128) glcd library for microchip c18 compiler ? thanx