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3D graphics are based on point from which lines are made and then surfaces are where these lines form closed loop, these surfaces can then be shaded depending on the user perspective. I am aware that OpenGL is the goto place for a complete 3D solution. However, I want to write a simpler program that can draw and rotate simpler shapes on a graphi
a 16x2 lcd. is not a graphical LCD .. text oriented LCD. Yes, but jhd12864e is 64x128 pixel monochrome graphic display. glcd library allows to display single characters or strings.
This is the code which display large text on glcd but thats not clear to view the circuit diagram is attached please help me to solve this problem , my mission is to display large text on glcd i'm using mikroc and pic18 mcu glcd sbit glcd_RS at LATB0_bit; sbit glcd_RW at LATD6_bit; sbit (...)
When I needed some large fonts for a 64X128 glcd, I initially used MikroElektronika font generator ( ), but ended up fine tuning them manually using 1/4" square graph paper. John
hi, i want to show my data on glcd with pic16F series. i use ccs compiler. i want to my output be similar to following picture that i attach, pixels are inverted. can anyone help me? thanks 105470
I think you may need to do it pixel-by-pixel, it looks like the LCD has no built-in character ROM. It is not too hard usually; you can find a simple font from many web sites, here is an example of a 5x7 font.
I am using KS0108 controller based Graphical LCD JHD12864E, i had write the routines for displaying data on lcd, But i am stuck on reading the data from lcd.. So if some one has successfully accomplished this task, pls provide me the library for glcd for PIC micro(PIC18F4550) I am not able to read the data from LCD, some pls help me
Hi fatane (salam) codevision avr version 2.05.3 have T6963C library for driver glcd . do you work with it? or solved your problem?
Hi, To send a character to a glcd you have to lookup that character from a font table, which then sends out the correct pattern to turn on the required pixels to make up that character. Before you start using a glcd you have know the type of glcd - say TS12864 , what its driver / controller are KS0107/kS0108 and what (...)
hello, I'm glad to annouce that I have published glcd font Creator 1.1.0 - mikroElektronika Edition free of charge for anyone using mikroElektronika compilers. I also published with it Xglcd Library 1.0.0, an extention to mikroElektronika glcd Library that let the compilers handle BIG fontS of any size on (...)
Hi my friends I have a header and lib file that let me to use t6963 in 6x8 size font. But i have a problem when I use the function "lcd_set_pixel" in my library, I set x for LCD Width for zero but plotted two pixel in width=0 and width=160. And some problem likes that. Please tell me what is the error in my files? You can see lib and header
Hi, just to let you now that a new glcd font Creator has been released. A free fully functionnal version is available The shareware version is at a very low price. you can find there also a Xglcd Library (free Xglcd and XSPI-glcd libs) that let you use BIG font sizes with all (...)
Hi, just to let you now that a new glcd font Creator has been released. A free fully functionnal version is available The shareware version is at a very low price. Best regards Octal
This includes a font generator application, yes, n this is for glcd using T6963 driver.:D