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Hi, I have been working in hardware board design since from last 3 years and now wish to switch to embedded software because i have very much interest in software development. But i am not getting how to start learning new skills. Please guide me if anybody knows good online resource so that i can learn coding Thank you, Ghana_
Hello, I am currently doing my project which requires me to use DE1-SoC. The project is to perform bearing health?s prognostic, it includes 3 parts which are: feature extraction, linear regression, and remaining useful life estimation using polynomial regression. What I have is the Python code for the above 3 functions, and I want to perform fe
I am having 14 bit ADC data which is in 2's complement format. I require to convert in 5 bit format using vhdl language. What is the easiest way of doing it apart from using if then else statements comparing magnitude? Consider the input data to be in two cases unsigned and signed.
Can we program ESP-32/ESP-12 other than Arduino compiler? like XC or some other C Programmer?
I am running an ocean script in Cadence to plot expressions. The command I used was ocnYvsYplot(?wavex Vds ?wavey Id) The above command does not display axis labels Id and Vds. How can I see the axis labels ? What needs to be changed in the command for this ??
I need to wind the toroidal coil T130 ironpowder 7 theard, current 2A, frequency 15MHz My first choice and practically proven solution is use magnet wire 1x1,2mm + simple solution + mechnically stable + the wire holds well on the toroid - higher AC resistance (Skin Effect Depth on 15MHz 17um) second option Use 4x0,7 wire, + the re
Compiler problem: switch statement Hi Guys This is Ayesha It has been long time that I'm working on a project of arduino and I have searched my question here and there but couldn?t find it. Well let me explain the issue I'm getting with my arduino switch and its timing. I believe the arduino that I got from an online
For the ?CAY-16 J8? resistor (8 resistors on a chip), do you know if the resistors are where the ?concave? bits are, or where the ?straight? bits are? ...i was looking for the "pitch" measurement marker to help to tell us, but cant find that. 8 x resistor array https://www.bourn
I have question How can we send multiple bytes via UART?, What happen if we want to send multiple bytes assume want to send 8 bytes ? If I want to send one byte data, I can send like : start-byte1-stop //send one byte Can we send like this start -> byte1-byte2-byte3-byte4-byte5-byte6-byte7-byte8-stop //
Hello, I'm new to the forum but hopefully you guys will give me some great advice. I have been programming microcontrollers for the past five years, only as a hobby but I do plan to move to this as my career, I am currently a machinist but I don't quite have the means for university yet. I'm 27, so should still be capable of learning :razz:
Hi, Does anyone know if Opentimer tools for STA read VHDL netlist as well? Regards, Arvind Gupta
I have downloaded BSIM4 from Berkeley website. All the source codes are in C language. Do you know how to start running this source code? How can i use it? Thanks
Hello everyone! I want to document about the new innovation of ANSYS. It's about ANSYS Medini. If anyone is documented about this software and has suggestive links about it or any other teaching material, I would be grateful if it would help me. I apologize if I didn't open the topic where I needed to. I'm asking a moderator to move him.
Hi A function definition consists of a return type , a function name, a list of parameters in parentheses I do not understand what types of function declaration is this in the following code #include struct student { int mark; }; //What is meaning of this declaration struct * newStudent (int mark, struct
Hello everyone, at first sorry for my language but i hope you will understand me. Because I'm quite dummy in electronic I was looking for some simple analog scrambler to build it and test it, but when I used google/image searcher I couldn't find no more than 3 simple schematics of scramblers, and I'm wondering why there is only a few simple schemat
Hello! There is something a little bit unclear to me. When I started programming a few months ago, I made a generator for arbitrary signals. In order to check how it works, I have loaded a sine wave and the generator just addresses the array and sets the address to a DAC. At one point, it stopped working, I had a really weird output. After some s
I am trying to implement variance in vivado 2017.4 using fixed point arithmetic. But so far I observed that, vivado is giving me result without any point after decimal eg. instead of giving 6.56 it is giving 6. And at the end I got a huge difference in the final result, like instead of getting 7.20, answer is coming as 6. 156255[A
I can easily enter large matrix using previous Microsoft Equation Editor(=limited version of MathType). However I can not enter large matrix from GUI of Microsoft Office Equation Editor. For example, how do you enter 6x6 matrix ? I edit OMML(Office Math Markup language) directly for this purpose. Is there any elegant method ?
certainly like your web site however you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very troublesome to tell the reality then again I'll definitely come back again.
Hi everybody; I need help to know how you can read the hex code of a Chinese MCU, specifically the STC15F204EA. Would any partner be so kind as to tell me the necessary tools and software to read the code? Your collaboration will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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