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Hi, V_CE of 4.6V makes no sense. Either it is * V_C (measured with respect to gnd) instead of V_CE (with respect to emitter voltage) * or you did not simulate steady state (capacitors not charged to steady state) Klaus
What will happen if you manually place in the schematic view two reverse diodes from VOC to gnd, the same as avD41_4 and avD41_5 from the extracted view?
Hi All, I am not sure what would be better. In the case that we have a one single layer PCB what would be more advantageous for EMC?. Would we prefer to create a ground plane that would contribute to less inductive impedance at high frequencies but on the other hand it could create current loops, or would we prefer to have two power rails, one
When it is driving high output currents into loads, the absolute maximum allowed Vcc or gnd current is 70mA. The loads set the output currents and all the output currents are added together to make the 70mA allowed maximum. The current into its inputs is almost nothing because it is Cmos. The Vcc and gnd power supply current is not called th
In most IC technologies, the exposed pad is electrically connected to the chip substrate, acting both as electrical ground and heatsink. If it's necessary to connect it in the text fixture depends solely on your design, e.g. how many gnd pins are provided besides exposed pad? Is ground inductance a critical parameter in your test? If your design
Hi, i'm desiging a pcb in Altium 17 and I want to use polygons for ground and VCC for better noise performance. But when i want to create via stitching an error appears that says "unable to locate any suitable locations on net gnd"I attached screenshots of the setting that i used and also my pcb can anyone tell me what is the problem
Hi, How did they know to put a capacitor on the VCC? I happened to know that from playing around with ESP32's but if you were just looking at the data sheet how would you know? It doesn't say anywhere to use a capacitor. The informtion in the datasheet is the power supply voltage specification. The power supply needs to be within it
Hi, Can someone please help me? No. Not without complete informations. Show your complete schematic, even hand drawn. Show your PCB layout. Show where you conneted the scope tip and gnd. Show all supply voltages and input signals. Klaus
First things first, you shouldn't use breadboards for such sensitive circuits and systems, it's worst choice for them. EMI can have internal sources as well as external order to distinguish, you can make some tests like shielding signal carrying cables,shielding around sensitive components,using an enclosure for whole system..etc.The main e
Hi, Values of capacitors for the XTAL need to be smaller by a factor of about 1.000.000. Each bjt base needs a current limiting resistor. Each LED needs a current limiting resistor. What's the idea behind the gnd symbol at the relay contact? What's the expected relay coil current? Klaus
I have 4 connectors 1. Power 2. USB 3. Ethernet 4. USB All placed in a proper straight line so that when placed in a enclosure, the same are properly flushed. The body of the connector (Shielding) is done for each of them via a 0.1uF and 1M Resistor to gnd. The outer casing (or the part where these connector sit is of a metal) Bec
Hi, I have designed a temp controller. The temp from the sensor is measured and amplified. I have an relay in my circuit. The relay is connected with the Analog port, but in different pin. Whenever the relay gets turned on the ADC value gets increased. The voltage reference is same at all instance. The chip i have used : Atmega3208.
if you use darlington connected xtors (bjt's) to turn on the relay, emitter gnded, then you can have 4u7 on the base to gnd and 220k drive resistor to the base which will give you a delay, reverse schottky diode to speed up turn off ...
I have attached the schematic for the ESP32 dev board. If you move the parts in the "Micro USB 5V&USB-UART" box to your bootstrap board and make connections of gnd, TXD, RXD, EN and IO0 to your main board it will allow programming and serial coms through the USB socket. With it disconnected you can use the pins for other purposes. The CP2102N need
I can imagine three different ways to connect the anode (OUT, gnd, Supply+), please ask a clear question.
Hello, in the expression shown bellow it is assumed to be for Vout=0 so if we put Vout=0 then we have gnd on out so there is no Iout Hown did they get the expression shown bellow ( A)? Thanks. 157279 157280
Hi everyone, I have been searching for quite a while about the following subject, but canīt seem to find a decent answer on this. Imagine a 4-layer PCB (Top layer, Mid1 layer, Mid2 layer, Bottom layer). Mid1 layer and Bottom layer are gnd panes with here and there vias to pass signals from the top layer to the Mid2 layer and back. RF signals on
TPS54528 has no feature to reduce the switching frequency, in so far it's some kind of irregular operation. The SW waveform suggest insufficient or too distant bypass capacitors at the VIN pin, did you follow the layout suggestions? By nature of the buck converter, the output current is commutated between VIN and gnd, you need sufficient bypassi
Hi, I see no gnd plane, (so internal ESD protection can't work satisfactory) I see no external ESD protection. No Connector shield connection.. This is no PCB layout. It's just connecting some signals with tiny traces. I assume this is the same with microcontroller and SMPS.... --> no wonder it fails. You need to learn how to do a proper PCB lay
Hi, It seems you are not an experienced PCB layouter .... if so, then good luck. 1) No! This is not a DC circuit. There are high speed signals. --> On each pin of each IC you should place a fast ceramics capacitor with very low impedance to gnd. .. plus at least one big bulk capacitor. For this you need a very solid gnd plane[/U