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Actually, you need to understand some points on server side. A server will run an instance that will listen to defined port (22 for ssh, 21 for ftp, 80 for http) like that and for socket based connection like TCP will establish a virtual link between the server and client, with a unique channel (which used to differentiate (...)
Hello Everyone ! I have experience in working with PIC Microcontrollers and I want to send data (simple text) from PIC to the internet on HTTP protocol. I will be interfacing SIM900D GSM/gprs modem with PIC for this purpose. Can anyone guide me about this interfacing and uploading the text using HTTP protocol ? What are the (...)
@Jayanth, Now i got a clear picture of what you are trying to do... There are many things you have to consider and also the necessary actions to be taken... 1. SMS handling 2. PDP DEACT - In case of IP lose 3. gprs activation handling --- if it fails then what to do next? 4. TCPIP connect and (...)
I have interfaced ATMEGA2560 Microncontroller with SIM900B modem. I have successfully Tested modem, registered to network, got good signal strength ( 25/31), connected to gprs connection, checked the IP address, saved the ftp server parameter and successfully uploaded file to ftp server. Everything is working smooth but (...)
Hello evryone!! I use a module gprs (wismo228) to tranmit data. This module is on serie with pic24. I want to send AT commande and Data at the same time. This fonctionality is only possible by using the CMUX fonction. But i don't know how to implemant this cmux fonction in the pic. Does anyone can help me for that? Thank
hi I am trying to download and upload a file to an ftp server. i m using FileZilla server. I have done these steps. All queries are working well. what are the errors? AT OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","UFONEgprs" OK OK (...)
Hi friends I download files from ftp server via SIM900 GSM/gprs module successfully But there is a problem, THE PROCESS IS TOO SLOW This is because for every 1KB of data, the module and the server should handshake like this: <-AT+ftpGET=2,1024 ->+ftpGET:2,1024 (...)
Hi everybody I wanna connect to ftp Server via SIM300 gprs. I am sure about my command sequence, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work! Do you know what is the reason? AT&F OK AT+CMEE=2 OK AT+CIPMODE=1 OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","mtnirancell" OK AT+CSTT="mtnirancell",,OK (...)
Dear All, I want to gain experience GPS, gprs & GSM connectivity with PIC microcontroller. As a first step I decided to order GPS module. So I found a module on ebay called SIM908C Quad band. Please kindly advice about this module and any better alternatives and also advice, may I need to check that this module support (...)
hi all i have been working on at commands trying to send a file from ftp server via SIM900 i have checked and activated all gprs AT commands but not able to activate AT+SAPBR and even the at+cgact=? is giving error can anyone pls help. at+cgatt=1 OK (...)
Hey, did u attach your module to gprs using at+cgatt? and did u open bearer profile using at+sapbr before executing at+ftpget?
There are two problems involved with your attempt to talk to the ftp server: - you don't use legal ftp commands. Refer to RFC 959 or any other specification to learn the ftp syntax. - ftp uses separate command and data channels. Without connecting a second port for the (...)
No, i think you should have modem with rs232 support and a controller which is programmed to communicate with modem using AT commands. you can put files to ftp server using gprs facility. you could go for simcom 300 modules or wavecom modems which has good support......
Hellow, I am using simcom gsm/gprs module. I observed that sometimes file created on ftp server but its showing no content even though i have uploaded content. some program is running at server end which reads that file at some interval and moves from that location. Pl. let me know that, 1) what could be the reason for content (...)
hi, i know its not a new thing here but i am facing little problem with gprs. i am using SIM300 modem and here is the log of hyperterminal AT+CGATT? +CGATT: 1 OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CMGF=1 OK AT+CNMI=3,2,0,0,0 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","wap" OK AT+
Do you intend to use gprs at the server or the client side? The mobile internet provider possibly won't allow inbound connections.
- I guess, you'll need to login as anonymous - You need to open a second (sata) port for ftp transmission. Is this option supported by your gprs modem?
Dear Sirs/Madams I have problem with connect gprs in Hyper Terminal application i want see Google page or get variable from web server in hyper terminal with sim300 at command pls say to me how i can it ? tanx