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How can I reset SIM900 ? I am making a library for SIM900 GSM/gprs communication. I want to implement reset function in the code. One function will be to send AT Commands. I need to implement reset function inside this function. It sends AT Commands 3 times to SIM900 and if SIM900 responds with ERROR or if it doesn't respond for 3 times then the
HI, I bought the SIM900A module few days back. I am able to initiate/receive calls/SMS. But I am not able to connect it to the internet over gprs. Couldn't find a AT Command list with description in English. The only one AT commands document I found from SIM official website is in Chinese :shock: If you can share the full AT command set docum
you should be clear with the requirement... both cannot work at same time as GPS will receive the data every one second... you cannot transmit the data using gsm/ gprs at that speed.... you have to wait for some change in the data and if there is a change then get the co-ordinates or send a sms request and then send gps data at that time of req
Hello, I have read some documents about AT command for gprs, but I don't find how to send data using gprs. In these documents they specify how to connect your modem to the network using the AT command (see example below). I think generally all modem contain the stack TCP/IP, but I don't know which command using to (...)
There are obviously lots of documents regarding gprs. So what's your particular question?
Hello my brother! For evaluate communication, try the gprs MANAGER software in: If have other problems, post here! Thats all! Gorkin
Hello EDAians I heard Japan mobile technology is different than GSM,gprs,CDMA...If you guys know, plz let me know about that technology,,refer sites,documents,etc Kind Regards, Buts101
Hi, You can see EVK chematics in documents (hardware -software) of Telit GM862 gprs.
Developer's Guide Motorola g20 AT Commands CONTENTS REVISION HISTORY.........................ii 1. PREFACE 1.1 SCOPE OF THIS MANUAL...............1 1.2 WHO SHOULD USE THIS MANU1 1.3 APPLICABLE documents............1 1.4 TERMS AND ABBREVIATIONS......2 1.5 HOW THIS MANUAL IS ORGA4 2. PRODUCT FEATURES 2.1 IMPROVED OEM FEATURES..........5