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Hello, I want to load html page of a website.and simultaneously upload some data on same webpage.Can we do this using SIM900 module?And using HTTP commands for same module? Please let me know other method if not done by HTTP commands. Thanks!!!
Hi all, I am using HTTP GET method to transfer few bytes of data to a web page, Now it takes 10-12sec for the modem to transfer data to webpage. Is it possible to upload data within 1-2sec ?, so that i could send more samples to webpage. The commands which i am using: // for (...)
hi libin i am working on a project ,i think it is very similar with your goal i want to send some datas from gprs modem to a web page via post method in http protocol i think its better to divide this to some steps: in first steps: we must choose a platform,gprs&gps module,mcu type& compiler/IDE. my choise is (...)
hi al, Im interfacing SIM 900 GSM Modem to microcontroller and sent gprs AT commands.Connection is ok.But Im not able to view the webpage content in hyper terminal. I gave the following data after sending AT commands. GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 \r\n Host: \r\n Connection: Keep-Alive" \r\n; Accep
Hello everyone. I am trying to access the web page through gprs sim 900 modem. at+cipstart="tcp","","80" OK CONNECT OK at+cipsend  GET /HTTP/1.1 SEND OK After these commands what can i do. I am really very weak in networking. please help me out.
You need to run a TCP server on laptop, e.g. C++ or VB.NET
Hi, I am using real6410 development board having simcom300 modem and with android v2.3. I gave the gprs settings which i got from the customer care. The device shows gprs connect symbol 'G' in the status bar, but im not able to browse internet. The browser always shows 'web page not available'. I checked the (...)
assalamualaekum! I am working on sim 548c and want to open a website (any website)..i followed the following set of commands for establishing connection and sending the request.. at ok at+cgatt=1 ok //enabling gprs at+cgdcont=1,"IP","ufone.internet" ok at+cstt="ufone.internet","ufone","ufone" ok at+ciicr ok at+cifsr (...)
Hi the objective of my project is to upload some values on a website using a gprs module through microcontroller. steps of this project are given following Accessing a web page through gprs module Enter Values in the text box given on website Press "enter button" below the text (...)
Hi. I am using a Telit modem and trying to send simple data to a web server (few parameters), but am having a problem as follows. When I try to GET HTTP just a URL like I get the HTML response (of the index.html page) But when I try to GET HTTP a script like www.s
can i open a web page on hyperterminal using gprs at commands through sim 300 modem
see the FAQ on this page about making a gprs connection:
I tried with following commands and the response of the gprs modem was following. I am confused about how to receive the data at the server sent from modem. I am using the server like and it has given me url like . now i have to send data like lattitude and longitude from gprs modem and display in my home page. ho
Dear Sirs/Madams I have problem with connect gprs in Hyper Terminal application i want see Google page or get variable from web server in hyper terminal with sim300 at command pls say to me how i can it ? tanx