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Hi, I am working on a device that uses M95 as gprs modem. The problem I am experiencing is sudden strange behavior of my device. I have been developing it for 6 months now and it was working without any problems when connected to laboratory PS. As the device will be powered up by car 12V, I tested it a couple of days in my car. It was (...)
Hi friends, I got a problem with SIM800. SIM 800 is attending or making call and UART part is OK, gprs is working. But after connecting call no sound from modem to phone and phone to modem. Hardware connections are looking Ok. Anybody got same kind of issues or can anybody help me out of this..please
Hi All, I am having a SIM900 module. I was trying to communicate it with and display the response in LCD. But somehow I was having some issues of getting LCD working all the time. In the mean time I connected the USB of the
Hi Guys Im pretty new to GSM, gprs and I'm busy working on a GSM board using the M95 module which is working fine to call, send & receive SMS but now what i would like to do is open a web site which i can access the phonebook (this is on an sd card on the M95 board) then edit the relevant numbers and send it back to the sd card over (...)
I am collecting various components for my DIY project in electronics and i wanted to know how i can get the following circuits. 1. Bluetooth receiver 2. Bluetooth transmiter 3. GSM circuit with sim card (i will use this to sen,receive texts and also to make and receive calls) 4. gprs receiver circuit 5. Wireless receiver circuit 6. Wireless
Hello Everyone ! I have experience in working with PIC Microcontrollers and I want to send data (simple text) from PIC to the internet on HTTP protocol. I will be interfacing SIM900D GSM/gprs modem with PIC for this purpose. Can anyone guide me about this interfacing and uploading the text using HTTP protocol ? What are the pre-requisites/requir
Hello to all! I am working with SIM900. It works good but when i want to send data with gprs "AT+CIPSEND" , it crash. Please help me.
Hello Everyone, I am using the Cinteron M35i gprs Modem. gprs is getting registered . But when ping request is sent from command window i am getting TTL expired in transit. Please find the attached file for reference. When i checked from tracert command, it is not going to the destination address. Do you have any suggestion.
Then it means your GSM/gprs module should be in SERVER mode on listening to a port xxxx... "The server should call GSM/gprs modules on demand basis" - This is acutally a client..on word sake we always call this as a server software or whatever it is..
Hello Folks, I am a software developer and a total newbie to electronics. I want to design an electronic board( or use an existing board) where i can use gps and gprs facility. The purpose of this board is to send the gps coordinates of the device to a remote server via gprs on press of a button. The board has to be reasonably small (a bi
Hi guys, I have now been trying for more than a week to get this gprs Shield v1.0 module working but without luck. As the heading suggests the module is simply not able to see/detect my carrier. Carrier of question here is TPG (Optus network) in Australia, but my sim900 based module is not able to see any carrier other than VicTrack (50516). I w
Hi, I am currently working on my bachelor project and it envolves GSM and GPS, so the choice fell on the SIM908 on an Arduino shield form DFRobots here. Although I am quite disappointed with the quality of the product, I don't really have a choice now to ch
I have got GSM gprs SIM900A development board but I failed to run it with Arduino Uno/Single. When I am connecting with PCthrough serial(rs232) or via USB(prolific USBto serial converter)port its getting detected and i could able to connect using hyper terminal.. wh
hi i am working gprs with sm sim 300 module. and i am not able to access the google page itself.suggest some solution.
Hello Frndz, I am working on Project in which i have to control few devices through android App. I am using Sim900. I don't know how to receive data from TCP/IP using gprs. anyone can guide me? THNKS
hi every one My Objective: i am trying to test my new GSM and gprs modem that i brought from local electronics market. And i want check the functionality like sending and receiving SMS,CALLING,gprs functionlity etc.. for this i am trying to test this modem using AT commands... these are the results that i am getting RDY +CFUN:
Hi Friends I am sim900 module to send sms and gprs usage when i am power on the module without inserting simcard its working fine that is no reset. But when i am inserting card its keep on reset for every 5 seconds once i am giving 3.9v for the Vbat pins please help me how to resolve this problem thanks in advance
Hi I am working on a tracking system in which i have to interface GPS and gprs to a processor. Here i am not working on any development or evaluation boards. For this system i need an SOC with gprs. Is there any processor or SOC available that has in built gprs functionality?