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I am a bachelor student and I am assigned with a task to synchronizing measuring components clock with fpga. So far my in my research in the internet, I find that one of the solution to accomplish it is by synchroniying with gps clock signal. My questions are : 1. Is it possible to actually synchronize FPGA clock with (...)
Hello All, I need a help for my upcoming project that is gps clock. I want basic selection guide for choosing gps module for clock. As i surf i got basic selection idea for gps position detection. Is there anything different for gps clock ???
Review basic theory first on Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Transceiver chip However for accuracy both transmitters may need to be gps clock synchronized or very stable << 1ppm C
It almost certainly is the crystal or it's loading capacitors but a few seconds drift per month would be quite normal for equipment like that. If you need absolute precision you need an external clock locked to gps or a time standard. If you want to try to tweak the existing clock to be more accurate, replace one of the crystal loading (...)
gps receiver modules have frequency outputs which are fully synchronized to atomic clocks. So right there is your first building block. If I remember properly, the output is 1 Hz, which can be used as a timebase for your clock. Now, if you want higher frequencies, you can always use a PLL frequency multiplier. Ratios of 100:1 or even (...)
Hi guys, My problems is the lack of information in "GE864-gps Hardware User Guide". In the section about gps_WAKEUP and gps_ON_OFF signals they say : The gps starts after asserting a rising edge pulse on gps_ON_OFF input and when high level persists for at least three cycles of RTC (...)
which is the gps u are using...............
I understand that for a cellular phone based gps, one can calibrate the clock against the synch channel timing from the gps/WCDMA to under 0.1ppm.. However for standalone gps receivers, there is no cellular clock to calibrate against. How do the designer get arround that?
Welcome to EDAboard. If you are serious abput stability of 14.318 MHz osc, perhaps you have to phase lock it to a known reference oscillator like gps , standard reference , or some such thing . however it is simply possible to use if you have 3.579545 MHz locked frequency from any NTSC TV as the TVsignal is said to lock to atomic clock stand
My question have tree parts. 1. Primary clock source. Rubidium clock is cool but bit expensive ,need voltage about 15-24V and main power consumption is too big. Therefore I thing about gps disciplined OCXO. My question Is High Precision PIEZO PTOC32227 OCXO 10MHz good choice ?
Cons are, if you run it continuous-time your resolution is limited by your natural distribution of Vio and your power is continuously wasted. If you are pumping data out on a clock anyway, may as well get the benefits of autozero and power strobing. There is only one little slice of time you actually care about in a system that samples syn
The name of the device mentioned above is VCXO Variable (or Controlled) Crystal Oscillator. Simple gps Stabilised 10 MHz Oscillator
I'm thinking about a circuit. I want to do serial comm without clock regeneration (no need for preamble). I was thinking if with current technology its possible to use a gps receiver (Those with rs232 output) to generate a clock source, removing the need for separate clock line or clock regeneration (...)
why gps is importent here ? You can use SIM300C GSM/GPRS module.
Anybody knows how gps modules handle PPS timing? I have implemented a PPS based clock. My uP software basically waits for the next PPS pulse from the gps module and uses the relevant UTC time message (NMEA or SiRF) to obtain the actual UTC time. This usually arrives 300-400mS later. One problem I have found is that after power on, the (...)
i ddidn't find nothing in this web sit plaese help:cry: this is my file but it is not compleate #include "C:\Users\maroua\Desktop\trame gps\main.h" #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOPROTECT #use delay(clock=20000000) #define LED_R PIN_B4 #define LED_V PIN_B5 //#use rs232(baud=38400,rcv=pin_c7, xmit=pin_c6,parity=n)//gps only needs the rx and gnd (...)
Hi Heina, If you need an accurate clock (as you are interfacing your PIC with GSM modem) you should consider Telit GM862 gps module. When you initialize your system, you should periodically check for valid gps lock, and when you obtain one, you will have clock information (UTC). No more clock/time/date (...)
Hi I would like to ask about the possibility to make a time synchronization using the angular power frequency (60Hz or 50Hz) to use it instead of using the gps clock. As we know that there are some applications using the gps clock in the power system as a reference signal and also to stamp a synchronized time to the (...)
Hi all, I am trying to use RTC Chip DS1307 with PIC18F452 to make a clock this clock is to be updated by gps Receiver. I am usinf PICC18 by HTSOFT, please tell whether this RTC used SPI or I?C and if any one had done this with HTSOFT and PIC please tell me if you can upload code please do so. I need to do it on (...)
why Wimax base satations need gps? what is the reason of using gps?