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Hi We have designed a hardware which intimates a vehicle owner abt the theft intimation and wen the owner replies the car engine stops. Now we want to interface SKG13 gps MODULE with the PIC16F877A. I wanted to know how to go abt the connections and the program as we want to install the gps unit inside car. I need this for my final year (...)
Hello everybody, Please i need your help regarding the following: a gps Tracker with bluetooth feature to discover nearby devices and monitor that on google map, with location, speed, and engine status, so anyone here knows about a development kit which have these two functions?, gps and bluetooth, as the most products or schematics (...)
I suggest that you use a search engine to find some gps modules. After selecting a candidate you find the answers to your questions in the manufacturers documentation. Repeat until satisfied. This is a very common work flow in our business. Get used to it. Or become a manager.
As fer as i know simcom does not have any gps module. Can you please tell me the model no.
Everyone, Do you have a gps engine Module with UART interface? Please attached a datasheet or a link. I tried to check out SAMSUNG'S GPM13B03-005 but the reference schematic/ application circuit is not clear I had difficulty reading the values of capacitors.. Thanks Jeff
Hello, I try to find diagram/manual for gps engine from Magnavox Thank's for your help. Jean-Louis
can anybody tell me the cheapest gps engine module present in the market thanks...
1. What's a PD? 2. Probably yes, but depends on the receiver. Maybe you will enjoy these papers: "Low-cost, High Accuracy gps Timing" "gps and Precision Timing Applications"
The following is the architecture of PLL Input Reference -> PP1S from gps receiver engine:time accuracy500ns Phase Detector -> JK-Flipflop or other kind PD by FPGA Loop bandwith filter -> narrow-band digital filter,bandwith is tunable, DAC -> By FPGA Δ-δ DAC, PWM mode