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Hi, I am planning on designing a gps receiver board using U-Blox LEA-M8T. I will use an active patch antenna. I will design the board using EAGLE CAD and the board itself will be 4 layers. I have some questions hoping that I will get answers. 1. Do I need an additional LNA on the circuit for this configuration? 2. (...)
hello, i have a problem when i design rectangular patch antenna for gps, there are words that say Defined reference frequency for open boundary condition (2 GHz) is larger than the lowest relevant system frequency (monitor at 1.57542 GHz). Please check open boundary settings to ensure accurate monitor results for the lowest frequency
Hello! I'm new to HFSS and I have to simulate a microstrip gps antenna with circular polarization with frequency equal to 1575 MHz. Using various math formulas I managed to determine the physical dimmensions of the patch ,such as the length and the width. I decided to use an inset feed technique to obtain the 50 ohms input impedance,again determ
Actually my teacher has given me a assignment that I am a System Engineer and a customer comes to me and asks to design a gps antenna which will be installed on a bicycle. I have to develop the USER REQUIREMENT DOCUMENT (URD) & SYSTEM REQUIREMENT DOCUMENT (SRD). SRD will contain the actual antenna (i have selected patch antenna) de
Hello frnds any one can send me patch antenna hfss file for gps patch antenna (1.576GHz)i tried very hard to design but failed for required gain of 6dBi.plz plz plz i urgently need it.:sad:email Did you get the gps patch antenna design completed? I'm (...)
hi, you can use this attached file for simulation. you can also try with RFMD Ic's to implement a amplifier for the 1.5GHz patch antenna. we made a gps antenna with amplifier with SGA series Ic's. Application circuit will be available with the datasheet. regards Chan re gowda
Hello, I want to test a simulation program. Therefore I’m searching for a simple patch antenna example. I need a design and the data of the antenna e.g. resonant frequency, the return loss and the gain. Does anybody know where I can find a patch antenna example?
Dear all, If I am going to use Sonnet to design the CP patch antenna for gps.... Does Sonnet able to simulate Axial Ratio for CP antenna design???
hi, i'm new in designing antenna, i work on project to design a patch antenna for gps, and using CST Microwave studio, i just want to know how to calculate the axial ratio. and want to know how to get radiation pattern for farfield or know the zeros and max. of radiation because after i run simulation for far field i didn't (...)
Hi dinone I have here examples of microstrip printed antennas "considerations for gps antenna for automotive applications" scale it to your freq. PL
hello friends...i'm beginner in this forum....i from Malaysia....anybody can help me to design 1.5Ghz microstrip antenna for gps receiver...plz email me at