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Hello, I have an existing product that contain GPRS/3G, gps reciever, Bluetooth, WIFI modules, all in the same board I'm planning to split this board in 2: Mother-board that has the 3G+gps modules and a daughter-board will contain the bluetooth and the WIFI modules. I have a good reasons :) The only problem I am worried about is the (...)
Dear forum members, I am new to the forum and what is worse, the last time I saw physics was at the 8th grade.. I work for a research agency and we would like to measure a distance (ranging from 2-300 meters) of a reciever from three distinct points (at best several recievers and 3 stable beacons simultaneously) and collect the data to a comp
I guess, you can find SDR (software defined radio) kits that cover the gps frequency range.
hello every body .... am trying to interface a 5 hz garmin gps reciever with pic16f877a ... i need the full circuit and the C code and any data associated with this module .... plz. help me ...
Hi, I have gps reciever which was powered by 12V DC instead of 5V DC. So the gps was damaged. The damaged component is a SOT-23 with 6 pins. Would you help me to identify this part? The marking of this component is: TBA M828 Thanks in advance!
HI How pps signal width and other parameters reconfigured? I am using U-blox gps reciever in this there is a CFG-TP used to change time pulse setting. Can anybody tell me how i can do this ?
I am an OEM and involved with a gps project, seeking feedback on the compatibilty and mating of a Hemisphere (Crescent) precision gps reciever with a GeoHelix active antenna (Sarantel) SL1206. My gains at 25+Db, Voltage 3.3-3.6 VDC, loss budget through MCX and cable 10% Antenna will not acquire. Why?:|
hi everyone..i'm doing my final sem project..i really need help here as i'm a beginner...i want to interface a gps reciever with an atmega128 or atmega16 microcontroller..the output of the gps is in the standard NMEA do i interface face it??.also can you give me any suggestions on which gps (...)
Hi I am thinking of doing work with gps module, here is my idea 1. take a gps receiver module and interface it with a controller 2. somehow download the google map of my city 3. Display the map on the LCD in my car 4. Display the location of my car with marker on LCD on the map. I need help in 1. which gps (...)
Most of ADC have 2 bit output ,so flash or delta -sigma,which one is better to meet the BB requirement
hi i need gyros and gps reciever samples to complete my final year project any one who knows best link or resource, from where i can found it
hey guys, Can you give me some idea about the gps receiver architecture. 1, which one is most popular architecture in present research? 2, Which one is the commercial choice for the gps receiver? even through i read a lot of paper, i still can not get a conclusion. please give me some clue!!! Thx in advance! Cheers
hi i am using OEM gps reciever with PIC.i wnat to save a particular waypoint in eeprom in the form of , let's say 60 30' 6''N and 84 64' 41'' and when reached at this point PIC should lit a LED.But the problem is with the accuracy.The LED goes on at the same locaton. I want to do it in 10 feet radius of accuracy or better. any suggestions in the f
Google. RTFWWW. You do not have to pay a subscription fee to use a gps. The US military may reduce the accuracy of civilian gps signals in your geographical area or stop gps service at any time they wish. There are seperate encrypted transmissions from the gps satellites for use by the US military.
Hi, Some usefull info here = t