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motherboard is chosen on the basis of final usage of the PC. is the final PC to used for: *CAD or graphic intensive application ? *or graphic intensive game or seeing mainly movies ? * for a server? *normal or other (office) usage?
HMI ( human man interface ) is normally a part of a SCADA ( supervisory control and data acquisition) system. HMI is a PC software or combination of software and hardware that makes a graphic tool/device/equipment. and both of this functions as an interface between the operator and the SYSTEM monitoring and control. i never heard of a SCADA syst
Product of mentor graphic Used to program hardware dissipation language Most efficient tool for HDL verification
hY GUYZ i have 122*32 graphic has two enables pin.i don't know how to connect it with pic. any help would be appreciated. here is datasheet
Hi all, Im looking for external battery voltage monitor,usb or arduino hardware, with pc software driven, Im using it to test battery cell potential over time under load.:grin:
You need to give more detail of your hardware. Are you using any graphic card?
I made the connection between a pic mentioned in the title and a graphic lcd in proteus and tried to write a simple program in mikroC. When i use GLcd_Fill(0xFF) everything is ok, my LCD screen is totally black. If I use GLcd_Fill(0), as I read this is the clear screen, i got horizontal lanes on the LCD screen (first white, second black, third whit
Hi, Seems Microchip. Mikroe and Olimex are the main providers of pic32 boards Can and USB are internal hardware modules of the Pic chip, but think most graphic drivers are external add on parts driven by the pics software; though you give no idea of your screen type. Microchip do have graphic software help
Hello I am looking for some hardware independed graphic library for some RGB graphic lcd displays. I must be suitible for CortexM3 processors. Thanks
I would definetely do the keyboard interface using a microcontroller, a graphic dedicated chip (like SSD192X), and let it do all your communication with the computer. You cannot do any interface computer-touchscreen directly. You will have to go through some kind of hardware.
Hello! I would like to connect a graphic LCD, (datasheet here ), using the controller SED1520 (datasheet ) with Atmega16. I've found quite some information about LCDs using the controller KS0108 ([url=instruct1.cit.cornel
Hello, I am trying to interface graphic LCD 240x128 (part: T240128 v1.1) with PIC16F877A. I used MicroC compiler's example coding & also simulated on proteus. On Proteus simulation, LCD worked alright, but when i set up the hardware, LCD is showing only a bar of line (Sometimes on top, or middle or bottom (after resetting)). I have adjust
I want to know it the term graphics pipeline, is referring to an actual hardware implementation of a pipeline for graphics processing or if it is referring to a sofware methodology.
Hi I want to open the VGA cable connected to my monitor and connect it to a interface board to deliver its data into another computer. do you know any graphic card or other hardware to do so? in other words I need a graphic card with digital input that could receive VGA format. thanks
Dear all, Does anyone can get work with subject? hardware is ok, just connect data,strobe,and busy I want to know escape control code to printout graphic. It has just some escape control code compatibled with epson. ESC *+m+n1+n2+d1+dN (Sets bit image mode) Could anyone advise me? Thanks in advance. Regards, ZeRoN
Hi, I'd like to interface a Z80 cpu to a monochrome LCD display through a dual port sram. The LCD is a 320x240 graphic display but I just want to use it to display 40x25 characters which will be stored in the dual port sram (1KB). I'm thinking of using the following hardware: Optrex F-55157GNF-LW-ASN display, and Cypress cy7c130 dual port sr
For that you only need a PIC . nothing else is needed unless you are required to use a particuliar graphic display
CST's applications can be classified as high performance computing. Therefore the CPU, memory and graphic performance should meet high requirements. Likewise a sufficient power supply and heat flow have to be ensured for the PC. Thus we strongly recommend to buy a complete package from a brandname manufacturer, e.g. DELL, HP, or IBM. We strongly r
What type of data you would like to compress, voice / video / graphic??
Other than, specific acceleration hardware, some academic research centers are trying to use graphic processors and boards, found in PCs, to expedite FDTD and similar simulation methods. The following paper was presented at IEEE MTTS 2006: Accelerated Implementation of the S-MRTD Technique Using graphics Processor Units G. S. Baron