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I didn't get any information using DOGL128x64. Can I use PIC16F877a for interfacing DOGL128x64 (graphics lcd module)? Since the operating voltage range of both parts meet each other, you should have no problems to use any MCU. I need some sam
Hello friends, Can anybody please give me basics of graphics lcd interfacing concepts I worked on 16x2,20x4 lcd Now I move ahead on graphics lcd interfacing with LPC2148 I need help in basic consideration of graphics lcd like what are (...)
Hello I am new to interfacing graphics lcds with microcontrollers I need books or tutorials for this I am not limited to a certain microcontroller (anything will be good) thanks
have a look at Microchip Technology Inc. is a Leading Provider of Microcontroller and Analog Semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide.
Hello everyone, I have interfaced T6963C lcd controller based graphics display with MSP430F2416. It is a 128X64 wide display. Its working fine with Text mode and graphics mode individually. But I am not able to use it in combination of graphics-text mode. However T6963C datasheet says it can be used in text, (...)
how to interface lpc2148 graphics lcd code to 4*4 keypad scanning base program ??? i needed help in this...
Hi.. Anyone have interfacing code for RA8835 (RAIO) controller. This is graphics lcd with 160x160 dots. plz upload
If you search Microchip website you will find a free graphics library.
character or graphics lcd? Check HERE for examples on 8051. It's a wonderful site.
I´m working in a project , and need interface a graphics lcd 128x64 (KS108 controller) with an 8051 type microcontroller. Somebody have a C source code that interface this type of glcd with an 8051? TIA
Hello! Have you tried contacting the manufacturer for a data sheet? Self-made interfacing these panels to an analog VGA is pretty expensive and will exceed the cost of a complete new TFT monitor by several times. Your only cheap chance is to use the graphics board of the laptop where the display is mounted in and interface the graphics (...)