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This is a simple, straightforward, exact (as opposed to your textbook and other textbooks e.g. gray and mayer Analysis and Design of Analog integrated circuits, Sedra and Smith Microelectronic circuits, in which they assume the feedforward feedback path is negligible compared to the forward transconductance of the amplifier which is t
I'm solving a problem in gray mayer Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits. The problem number is 3.20. I'm attaching the problem and solution in manual. My question is, the problem should be approached as CC-CB amplifier instead of differential amplifier. But the manual has approached in differential fashion. Can any one let us know
hi refer to microelectronic design textbook such as "analysis and design of analog integrated circuits" by gray & mayer or "design of analog CMOS integrated circuits "by Behzad Razavi
it is a single ended amplifier.Mn5 acts as a current source(MN5 and MN6 are current mirror).you can find it in any electronic books such as: Analysis And Design Of Analog Integrated Circuits (gray mayer Et Al ) or CMOS Analog Circuit P.E.Allen.
Giorgo, yeia! It is better to check : gray -mayer 2001ed. on page 708. You will get the full mathematical explanation on the squarer. Dimitris
it is nicely explained in gray & mayer text book. also in behzad razavi book.
just linearity and distortion. Added after 2 minutes: you can see also gray and mayer book
Hello, Check gray and mayer's on neted miller compensation.
This is a very complex thing, also it doesn't seem so at first sight. I suggest you to read chapter 12 of mayer&gray's (4th edition) book "Analysis and Design of Analog integrated Circuits".
Hi, i would suggest to study the book of mayer&gray (4th edt.; chapter 12 --> incl. a lot of design hints!) or even some papers. In my opinion, take switched capacitor cmfb circuits since it is easier to design compared to the continous cmfb. For a simple estimation you can approximate your sc cmfb using an analog äquivalent (low pass filter).