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Hello, We are using Cadence allegro PCB layout software, and we find that we cannot see the grid without having to click for it on the top menu. Is it possible to get the grid showing all the time, in like a dialog box on the screen? We need the grid to be visible when in schematic, layout and library windows. In (...)
hii all, How to add new grid point in grid option of altium designer?? thanks.
I don't use allegro however can answer some of your queries. I want already created ball grid array components Do you know how many BGA packages there are in existence? And you want someone to provide you with them all? I suggest you hit F1 and read the help file on how to make components, a BGA is easy to make
Hi, How to create menu in allegro using skill. EX:in setup we have some that setup menu bar i want add "More grid" in that we need to create 1 mil grid,5mil grid and 10 mil grid tabs like that please help me
hi 2 all Plz anybody help me as I want to know to fanout a BGA in so that the via placed may came right the center of 4 surrounding or grid of the BGA.
hi mate.... i am using allegro 16.2 pcb editor tool. i want to know that what is snap-to-grid?. how to set it turn on?? plz send me the path to accomplish its operation.. Thank u so much.. Prince, Bangalore.
Hi, I am quite new to allegro. At the moment I am able to draw schematic and pcb. But I have this feeling, that the more time I spent on allegro, the less I know :D. Now I am doing quite simple board but I do not know, how to change grid quickly... It is very unconfortable to go Setup->Design Parameters-> ... every time I want to change (...)
yes i have board outline and setup place grid X,Y.
normally mesurement is grid based (using Show measure tool).But if you select segments,lines or pins etc tool automatically picks the center point and picked co-ordinates are displayed in a new window .doing some mathematics with these coordinate you can confirm whether you picked the right location.
hi NIKHILRAJ thank you. it's easy. and i want to know for faster change grid design such what command.
Hi, colleagues, I'm a migrating user from P-CAD to Altium Designer and I've encountered a problem. I need all my vias to be placed in a rectangular grid during autorouting. In the "Board options" menu it offers a snap grid, electrical grid, component grid, visible grid. But neither of them affects vias (...)
Dear All; i need to make the grid in allegro PCB Lines insted of Dots; is this Avilable in allegro? thanks