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Hello everyone, we used PMSG generator and when rpm cross 24 and active power 436kw that time i got grid vector jump err . plz tell me how to find out problem. possible its related to cable shielding ?????
The current sensor should be connected after the EMI filter. i.e. between the inverter and the utility mains. Not necessarily. In case the sensor is utilized for inverter overcurrent detection or space vector modulation with direct current control, it must be placed on the inverter side of the output filter. The output (...)
I am doing project on Transformerless grid connected inverter based on zero current transition technique.this topology is similar to H6 inverter ,the main difference is we have to use to use two resonant circuit with auxilary switches in order to achieve Zero current switching of the main high frequency switches S5 and S6... (...)
Hello all, I have a 5kW 220Vac solar inverter that should be connected to the grid. First off all, are all main distribution boards have three phase busbars? If so, would there be an unbalanced power distribution over 3 busbars with only one single phase inverter connected? How will it affect the (...)
Hi, I'd like to build a 3-phase DC to AC inverter that can regulate its output around 230V and frequency 50Hz and can be connected to the grid. I'd like to hear from professional people what is the most powerful microcontroller that can be used ? I am using PIC micro and have been advised to use PIC18F2331 as it contains many PWM ch . What (...)
Hi, I have read that some topologies of grid connected inverters can only work for UPF, because the DC link capacitor is disconnected from grid during freewheeling period. Could some one explain or give references regarding reactive power transfer in grid connected (...)
Hi. I need to matlab/simulink model for grid connected to photovoltaic with only inverter. with out dc dc converter.
So here's my latest anomaly I've noticed my internet speed (high speed broadband dsl) being very slow and not letting pages load. It worked normal for the first three months since off grid living started. I've contacted my service provider and they have trouble shooted a few things made some repairs gave me a new modem and still slow speed. Now, th
your inverter is connected to grid. so you need phase angle of the grid voltage. obtain it with any convenient method. suppose the angle of current is measured referenced to angle of voltage vector. decompose current vector in a frame in which voltage vector is x-axis, and an axis perpendicular to voltage vector . As you (...)
Hello guys, I am working on EMC of grid connected power converters, I need to find out typical values of port impedance of a grid-connected power converter. Unfortunately I don't understand this term "port impedance of a grid-connected power converter". Can anyone help me to understand the (...)
You missed out the most important concept - "anti islanding", the ability to disconnect all power sources if the incoming grid connection fails. It is a legal requirement that all sources of power are immediately isolated from the grid to preven it being 'back driven' from the inverters. In view of it being a wireless controller, you would (...)
This is the solar panel I will work with (245 Wp): I am in India, and I would like to try to design a micro-inverter that can be grid-connected. This will particularly be useful for the poorer rural communities who would not be able to afford buying inverters from outside the country.
Hi Can anybody pls suggest me how to implement a harmonic compensation algorithm for a grid connected solar photovoltaic system.. Which is the latest and best method used to implement the same? Thanks in advance..
i would like to do project related with smart grid and solar or wind energy.we are getting a fund of maximum 3 lakhs if we do so..we should submit our idea within march 25..please do post your ideas...
A grid-tie inverter is the sort of thing you are looking for, I think. They usually have an higher voltage input than a SLA battery though, 48V upwards generally I think. They are really intended for connecting a renewable DC source like a photovoltaic array or wind turbine into the grid. When connected and given power, (...)
Phase lock algorythms for grid tie inverter should have a very low bandwidth and resistance to false crossing trigged by transient spikes common to power grid. Bandwidth can be so low that reaction is measured in tens of seconds to minutes. Real grid frequency changes very very slowly so anything that tells you otherwise is (...)
The advantage of d-q based control is to have explicite access to real and reactive power transfer to the grid. You can design the grid tied inverter control based on alpha-beta as well. For the stand-alone operation, you are setting frequency and voltage. Real and reactive power are demanded by the load. The more critical point is to (...)
It's quite normal to operate solar panels with inverters without a battery. Solar energy harvesting with grid connected inverters is using this scheme. But the operation mode is different. In energy harvesting, the solar panel is operating at the maximum power point and the inverter will supply all (...)
I need to design grid connected solar micro inverter. I have studied that micro-inverters (solar) can be connected with each other to provide power needed by the grid. Generally one micro-inverter provide 230W power and they can be connected to each other to (...)
I think the good point to start you is with the DC/DC converter control.... then move to inverter Control and then grid synchronization.

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