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Hello all, I was given a bachelors project by my professor to design antenna described in the document I attached and adjust it for gsm afterwards.. In the first step I should realise this antenna and match the S11 shown in Figure 3, page 3322(at least for 900 Mhz and 1900 Mhz). The problem I'm facing now is that I don't know how to (...)
hi, I am using sim 900 module..I can get date and time by setting once device resets,RTC also gets reset.can we get date and time without using RTC i.e by gsm or GRRS: :cry: - - - Updated - - - plz help me
how to get network time from sim 900 gsm/gprs module without using RTC
hello i am balvendra choudhary i made a gsm based project in which i used atmega32 A and gsm sim900. in which response of AT command is OK. when i calling it shows RING on display. during calling the status would be three but its not what is the problem. same code is working with sim300 what is the problem i am writing code here #inc
I need to simulate a gsm modem. I don't know if someone here has done it before, i would love to see it. i just need it to verify a number things before going ahead with my project using proteus and modelling the modem using the Hyper-Terminal
Hi, can any one say me that I am interface ultra sonic sensor + gsm 900 module with at89s52 . now I want that when ultra sonic sensor sense it send that distance value through sms . what is the AT command for that.
Hi All, I am having a SIM900 module. I was trying to communicate it with and display the response in LCD. But somehow I was having some issues of getting LCD working all the time. In the mean time I connected the USB of the
Can we send data to server without using http protocol using sim900 gsm module?Module is interfaced to stm32f100 microcontroller.
Hi , i am having sim 900 gsm modem .i want to transfer large files through gsm modem.i dont know the maximum speed of sim 900 modem. is there ang 3g gsm module to interface with raspberry pi 2.if available kindly share me the store to buy in india.
SIM900 it is a gsm module for 800/900/1800/1900 MHz bands, so it will not work on other frequencies. gsm its a half-duplex TDMA system, with RX and TX on different frequencies AND times. To boost both signals designing the amplifiers to meets all the gsm network regulations, is a (...)
Sounds like you need some RF bypassing on your sensor inputs. You can also try moving the gsm antenna away from your sensor. Cheers.
actually i am working on robot operating with gsm sim 900 module...nd i dont know how to do programming in cvavr for gsm module so if any one help then do reply...its urgent
gsm modems running a TCP/IP stack are usually behind a NAT (Network Address Translation) box so it is generally not possible to conect to a server running on a modem from the external internet
You have a web site with a green button in that You have a Sim 900 gsm modem connected to your LPC board through UART. As soon as the green button in the web site is pressed, a plant is watered in a remote place. Is your thinking similar to this?
Good Day Member, I am working on a rectenna that harvest gsm energy at 900 MHz and converts it into DC Voltage for charging a cell phone battery. From various literature review, I have made a simple patch antenna in CST MWS and designed its relevant rectifier circuit in ADS. The questions I want to ask are following: 1. In most of the rectenn
@Ivan Romo, On seeing the pic, i guess it is the normal SIM900 gsm modem, which can be accessed serially in the debug port which has a default baud rate - 11200,8,N,1. You meant that you want to flash your own code into the SIM900 module?? Flashing of your own application code cannot be done i suppose as i m not sure it is a Embedded AT (...)
what you mean ---2mV input and 100KW ERP--- Just an illustrative example, I think. Did you review the "similar threads" displayed on the bottom of this page, particularly this one? It gives a meaningful estimation of the parameters of an analog gsm repeater. You'll notice that the
Hi all, please send the correct format to post http data to a server using using sim900 module and STM32F100 Microcontroller. My get function is ok.The only problem is while posting the data.Server is accepting the request and Im getting the response.But the data is not uploaded in the data sent to the server. Here's my code.
when i communicate gsm modem sim 900 with computer then it works properly and response is also as required but when i try to communicate with arm cortex 1788 then the gsm works properly like calling message and every commonds works properly but when i view its response it is not as required like when i send at it must reply ok but instead it (...)
hi al, Im interfacing SIM 900 gsm Modem to microcontroller and sent GPRS AT commands.Connection is ok.But Im not able to view the webpage content in hyper terminal. I gave the following data after sending AT commands. GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 \r\n Host: \r\n Connection: Keep-Alive" \r\n; Accep

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