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gsm (SIM900) GPRS shield and Arduino Uno ,SMS based peripherals control complete project . refer to the attached Pdf for detail .:-|:-|
Hi, I will be thankful if someone answers me... As we know, in gsm, BCCH is transmitted on first carrier (BCCH carrier) first time slot (time slot 0) and in order to have the maximum coverage, BTS must transmit BCCH on this time slot with maximum power. Also there is no power control on BCCH carrier. My question is why do not we perform (...)
As i am using Sierra Wireless gsm GPS module HL-6528-G2.8V, in which my module is taking GPS frames and after filling it in my packet format ,it is sending this packet format on TCP towards server. I am using TCP connect, Packet send, TCP disconnect in this fashion cycle continuous with interval of 1 minute. Problem is only 14 packets are gett
Hello Everyone, I m using arduino micro-controller to run a code to control gsm Sim900 Module. the code has sms commands and voice call commands. My question is to avoid the recorded tone from the network provider when there is a situation occurs(caller is busy, switched off, not (...)
Quark Electronics started to provide our own brand electronics products from 2014 based on our 12 years cultivating in electronics design industry. We aim to provide the industrial standard products with affordable prices. Three remote control products were released and about 100 units were sold for each product everyday. (...)
Hallo friends... Please help me in my project. My project has the following objectives: 1. Be able to display the meter readings and the cost for power use in an lcd. 2. Be able to send the units consumed after a certain time to the energy provider/operator via sms. 3. Be able to send charges for energy c
I am doing a gsm based Device control project. I have two functions. One is to send AT Commands and another to send SMS. I am calling gsm_Send_Const_Cmd() inside gsm_Send_SMS() function. I am passing address of two variables index and attempt to (...)
Hello, I using gsm modem connected with C# application and I am trying to establish program which will control connected gsm modem. I am sending AT commands to the modem and up to now I can read status, network and modem information, send SMS, read all SMS messages... I (...)
Hi folks, Does anyone have any experience in using an mcu to collect and process e-mails? I have an Atmel UC3A 32bit 66Mhz MCU connected to a SIM900 gsm Modem This is where I am at: I can get the MCU to issue a RETR command to the POP server and it sends the serial data via the SIM900 to one of the MCU usarts which (...)
I have to send a message to my mobile phone using I am trying to interface gsm module with FPGA (DE 1) board.But i don't know how to write AT command in verilog code.Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance Biswajit
just connect the tx pin of the microcontroller to rx of the gsm and tx of the gps to rx of the microcontroller...... receive the data from the gps and send it through gsm........
Yes you can get informations about the input of the microcontroller on your phone. Read about sim300 or sim900, there are a lot of gsm modules which can be safely interfaced with the micro troller for calls and SMS.
Dear Friends I need data acquisition and controller circuit through gsm and gprs modem I have to search but i cont get the best circuit Please help me anybody :roll::thinker:
Are you try make own prototype phone board by using 89C51 and LCD to connect to cheap gsm phone or gsm Module , right ? More data in old electronics journal and local publish , I think . :grin:
Please, am new to the project world. I am also a newbie at this forum. Pls i need help concerning this project. I am meant to 'get speed' and 'set speed' using a gsm modem, PIC 16F877A, LCD, DC motor, Optical encoder. I don't know how to program the microcontroller to set the speed using PWM and get the speed from the (...)
Device control using gsm. Not tested in hardware. Test and reply. Sens SMS like *xxxxxxxxxx*# without double quotes. Number will be stored in EEPROM. reset the micro. Micro reads number from EEPROM. Send commands like... *PUMP ON* *LIGHT ON* *PUMP OFF* *LIGHT OFF* Use LED instead of relay for testing. Test (...)
Even i m doing the same project.The connections are correct.TX of Arduino goes to RX of gsm .RX of Arduino goes to TX of gsm.Make the ground other chips are required.Even i m struggling with the software.
In my project i want to control the device by using sms, i am using sim300_v7.03 gsm and msp430. I need the coding for that , some one help me its urgent
I want to control one output with 2 inputs but output (contactor) is over 2km away .... I don't want use gsm module! Any solution? maybe some zigbee module .... or..? p.s. output must be logic controlled: if input1 occurs then go to ON and if input2 ocurrs then output must go OFF
In older days gsm engines ( gsm modems ) will have serial interface and can be controlled by programs using AT command. We can process sms, call numbers and other such operations. Likewise, is it possible to control the 3g data cards ( which takes a 3g enabled sim card (...)