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hey everyone i need your help i want to make a wireless communication between 2 plcs using gsm modem ,sending a message from plc 1 the other plc should get it in it's memory Thanks
Which gsm modem ? SIM900 ? Where is AT+CNMI=.... command for new SMS notification ? UART1Read() returns only a byte. What is the Crystal frequency ? I can give you the code but not for 16F877A because it has less RAM and mikroC PRO pic doesn't generate bank switching code. To receive AT+CMGR response you need a (...)
#include __CONFIG(FOSC_HS&WDTE_OFF&PWRTE_OFF&BOREN_OFF&LVP_OFF); #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 #define ON RB0 #define OFF RB1 #define PIR RB2 #define MAG RB3 #define LCD_rs RA2 #define LCD_en RA3 #define LCD_data PORTD #define BUZZER RC3 #define AUTOLOCK RC4 #define LED_ON RB6 #define LED_OFF RB7 #define LED2 RB5
Hi all.. I am doing a project using pic167873a interfaced with gsm and GPS.The gsm module is interfaced with pic using UART. We are using mikroC. Not getting codes for GPS interface using SPI. thanks in advance
Hello, i have a problem with the gsm and the pic , i want to send a sms with gsm + pic but it's doesn't work i have this code : #include <16F877A.h> #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,PUT,NOBROWNOUT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=4000000) #use rs232(baud=9600,xmit=PIN_C6,rcv=PIN_C7) #include (...)
hi friends for my project i am trying to interface GPS and gsm in pic MCU...But what problem now arises means gsm works on 9600Bps and GPS works on now i want to use both in my project...but I have tried with pic16F877A which one UART,,if it is possible to use both in same (...)
Earlier I made a gsm based device controller for Farmers using mikroE pic Clicker + gsm2 Click. It could control 8 devices but the mobile number had to be stored in eeprom. No I am improving it. I will be using mikroE pic Clicker2 + gsm2 Click + mikroSD Click. If I want to control devices at a farm like (...)
i am working on my project that switches off and ON home appliances using an android app that creats sms .The app can also request for power being drawn by the appliances through sending texts request that can be red by a gsm module. My gsm module is linked to a pic 18f4550 and my (...)
As the micro-controller works in 5V and the SIM300 gsm module works in 3.7V to 4.2V while the Tx of SIM300 is less than 3.3V as the datasheet says. 120195 120196 datasheet: included with this post as attachment. I used pic and SIM300 module to send SMS many times and it works clearly. Bu
Referring to old thread hai all,gsm modem sim300+pic without max232...(iam using 3.7 volt cellphone battery for pic and modem.) can i communicate properley with modem and viceversa?.i do not interested to use max 232,advice me pls.:!: hi i am building gsm sim 300 module
Which RFID are you using and in what format it gives out data ? Are you using SIM900 ? You need two UART to interface gsm and RFID. Which MCU and what crystal frequency do you want to use ?
hey i want to send voice message through SIM900 .........but i could not find any sufficient data to proceed ..........please help me .........
I need to connect both gsm and GPS to pic16F877A.. I'm using mikroC compiler..Anyone help me to acheive the connection.. Please Help me... Please provide mikroC code
Hello everyone.. As a part of my project, I want to take input from sensor and send it to pic16F877A MC,which sends an SMS through gsm SIM900A to another gsm module at the other side.Another pic MC at the receiving gsm module turns ON an LED , which is the output required. I am a newbie to (...)
Hello Everyone ! I have experience in working with pic Microcontrollers and I want to send data (simple text) from pic to the internet on HTTP protocol. I will be interfacing SIM900D gsm/GPRS modem with pic for this purpose. Can anyone guide me about this interfacing and uploading the (...)
i try to sent the simple message through gsm modem but nothing to happen .please check the code and give any suggestion using sim300 module and c18 compiler #include #include"H:\RECovery RObot\header files\delay.h" #pragma config OSC=HS, OSCS=OFF # pragma config DEBUG=OFF, LVP=OFF, STVR=OFF #pragma conf
why using max232 if you interfacing gsm to controller you can see the above link for simulation connection.
Hi! I thought of using a power supply by deconstructing a Switched mode power supply adapter for a project I'm doing without using a transformer power supply. Is it possible to do this? How do I calculate the current required by the system? My project consist of a pic, 4 relays, DS1307 IC, LCD, PIR sensor and a TC35 gsm modem. Is 12V 1A (...)
Hai... I am using pic microcontroller and sim900a gsm modem. gsm and pic is connected via RX TX and GND pins, but when i power the gsm, pic also get starts internally. Because of that i have to reset every time and i (...)
code did not response: void sim_time() { unsigned char atcmd1="AT+CCLK?\r"; for(i=0;i<12;i++) { putchar(atcmd1); } putchar(buffer1); putchar(0x0D); // enter key //while(getchar()!=':'); //while(getchar()!=0x0A); delay_ms(10000); // lcd_clear(); for(i=4;i<20;i++) { buffer1[