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I am now working on a project in which I gotta send SMS from a gsm or, cdma module by a Microcontroller device when a sensor have positive response.( I can't use PC there because my device has to be portable) How to do that and what type of things I need to do that? ( I need a detail tutorial as I am new in this type of w
Dear Users, I am looking for any kind of help regarding any VHDL programming of gsm cdma Wcdma LTE HSPA WiMAX. I am working on a project where we have to develop a chip which will work in all protocols. Many Thanks
You should read in detail about gsm or cdma firstly, after you select topic, i think it is better for you. I give you some ideas: Handover or Power control...
hi We have ever implemented cdma network (2000 1x 450MHz and 2000 1x EV-DO). But now, we selected UMTS network for developing our network. We don't have gsm network background. So i must rent a gsm network in my country to roam. Because in phase 1, i can't coverage 3G for all of whole country. Do you have any document which say about this (...)
I suggest to leave gsm and try MC-cdma
Can Any one help in project to build a silencer (jammer) for gsm and cdma systems either using some existing mobile phone or from the geginning. This is for a good porpuse (silence in worship places - mosques) Thanks in advance for help
Hi SPELTER, Whats the status of your project ? If you are in india, you can use the gsm+cdma network with which you will get pretty good coverage. The running cost will be pretty high if you opt for the data mode. Look into that aspect. Otherwise use a datalogger which will keep sending the data every one hour in data mode. I (...)
Hello m a Student Of Computer Engineering.. and i am starting my final year project... Please suggest me a project on cdma, Wireless communication gsm or Wcdma along with relevant links and materials for final year. Ednan
Please suggest me a project on cdma, gsm or Wcdma along with relevant links and materials for final year.
cdma stands for code division multiple acces. It started as a militar project but Qualcomm iniciated a standard for digital mobile telephony known as IS-95 or cdmaone (IS-95 and gsm are the mayor players on celular deployment today for 2G telephony). For 3G evolution UMTS/Wcdma (wideband (...)
AMPS, gsm, cdma, OFDMA hey I have my final project on comparison of multiple access techniques. so I need the architecture of AMPS(FDMA), gsm (TDMA), cdma and OFDMA. so plz upload material related to their architecture. I have material related to their basics. i also need their simulations. if any
Hello Freinds , i m doing my Final year project on Hadoffs in cdma/gsm based Networks ....& i have to Simulate Hadoffs in cdma/cdma2000 via MATLAb so Please Help me out for Handoff Simulation in MATLAB , give me suggestion ...Materials ......Whetevr u can help me it really appreciated & thankful ....yc
Hello friends i need help on Final year project , i m doing project on "ANALYSIS and SIMULATION of HANDOFFS IN WIRELESS LOCAL LOOP TYPE OF COMMUNICATION NETWORKS" 1- cdma 2-TDMA 3 gsm types So plz give me material or links regarding these applications of HANDOFFS ( Handover) , Regards
Hi as much i know it is not possible because Phone(gsm/cdma etc) with bluetooth behave as bluetooth modem so only on connection at a time.
Hello Friends i am doing Final year project on Call Handoff (Handover) Procedures in cdma , OFDM & gsm (TDMA).......i have to provide thesis alongwith Simulation of Handoff Techniques in these technologies specially cdma .....i am thinking to do Simulation in MATLAB.......Please Help me out if u have any material regarding (...)
Hello all, Is there any comparitive meterial between gsm/GPRS, cdma, Bluetooth, and Zigbee for Automatic Meter Reading system. Regards
hi all i wanna make my graduation project in the wireless or cellular communication filed i just read alot about each topic and i have undrstanded the idea as a whole and i'm interested in: voip,wifi,wimax,ofdm and various mobile communication systems(gsm,cdma,UMTS,GPRS) but i just can't come up with an idea or by other words what ca
what topic in communications? digital or analog? modulation? gsm? if there is a specific topic, probably we could give a more definite answer, or you could check on mathlab's demos, or the mathworks website for further information
i have a graduation project depend mainly on comparsion betweent different mobile communication systems (gsm ,iDEn,GPRS,EDGE,UMTS,HSDPA,4G) and the comparsion fields are 1-channel coding 2-multiple Access( FDMA,TDMA...cdma,OFDM) 3-MODULATION TECHINUQUES(QAM..BPSK...) 4-BER 5-DATA RATEAND THIS FIELD IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME CAUSE MY (...)