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Dear member any one who know how to interface gsm modem with pic16f877a to turn on/off led because I have trying to program a code for this stuff by using mikroC compiler but i doesn't work as am expected to work. My code it's below. sbit led at RC1_bit; char lock = "led ON"; char Read; void main() { (...)
Hello! Im working with a Simcom gsm SIM900 module and having a problem: My software works fine for hours, sometime days, and suddenly loses network registration for no apparent reason. I know because I lose communication and the network led blinks fast. It will only work again if I turn the power off and on again. Any ideas where to look
Hi. I found at my workplace an evaluation board based on gsm module SIM508 EVB V1.01, manufactured by SimCom What seems to be the problem: I have inserted a valid SIM card; soon after I activate gsm (by pressing Z1 button ) the gsm_NET led start blinking and then stops after 10-15 seconds. During this seconds ,I (...)
I am creating a gsm project with gsm input to RX/TX of the PIC16F877A .Also I am using a PIR sensor which outputs 3 v and is connected to RB0 . INTEDG is set to 1.When an interrupt happens, an led is made to toggle. I have a few problems here : When the RB0 is connected to 5v using a switch, then only when switch is closed, the (...)
Hi paalboss! We can add gsm simulation library into proteus... Just watch the video link attached...
hi I want to interface gsm with PIC micro controller.. using MPLAB C18 compiler. Have any one code of it?? I write that code... Is it work ?? void main() { unsigned char L_bit,H_bit,TEMP,vol1,vol2,vol3,vol4,temp1,temp2,temp3,cur1,cur2,cur3,cur4,x,z,AT="AT\r"; unsigned char ATCMGF="AT+CMGF=1\r"; u
Hello, We thought of doing a mini project on "WEB CONTROLled Public Addressing system"i,e Sending message to be displayed on led panel From an authorized website with a password using gsm module and Arduino web switch. Can anyone suggest me where i can get all modules required for that project(i,e from Online stores and i belong to India) (...)
Hi, I have started working on the code to program the PIC16f877a connected with gsm modem TC35i and an led board. I need have a start up for the code what header files should I include and how would I control the led's by giving an sms. i will be waiting for assistance. Thank you in advance.
gsm and ZIGBEED doesnt have any connection at all...
I'm working with small gsm SMS alarm controller using the SIM300 module. I have added a small microcontroller with RTC to one panel input, used to trigger a daily test message. The problem I'm having is after 8-10 days of reliable test messages, I'm getting a fast flashing network led indication, alternating to no flash. During this conditio
Hi, You can use AT commands to check gsm module, the "AT+CREG?" command can check whether gsm module is regitered to network or not, if not, you can restart gsm module by driving Power Key pin. See AT command set document for more detail.
Hi, I am using SIM300 based gsm modem and I am able to connect it with serial interface. AT commands are also successfully executed. However network led is not glowing/blinking at all. I have done all my tricks but to no avail. I used 12V/1A and 12V/1.5A adapters with modem. I used RF antenna to increase signal level up to 31 (AT+CSQ)
read message from gsm module. such as SIM300,SIM900。then display on led matrix.
Hello every one !! I use the gsm module SIM900 for the first time. for more than a week i'm trying to send some AT Commands through the Hyper Terminal : Some works and some others just don't !!! i have the SimCard and the antenna for the SIM900 : the NETLIGHT led is blinking as to show that the SIM900 finds the network connection (64ms ON / 3000
I have a gsm module (SIM300cz) in my hand right now. I want to test this module by sending SMS using PIC MCU. To test the Module I wanted to interface it with my Laptop first. To avoid complexity I planned to use PIckit2 UART tool. I connected UART Rx Tx with SIM300 Tx Rx. But it is not working. When I send AT command it should respond as OK. But i
HI, I am working on a Saline fluid monitoring application - where the IVF injected into the patient's body is monitored by the care-taker remotely. If there is no fluid passage into the body, the nurse should get SMS as an alert. I have used TI'S CC2530 Zigbee kit wherein the led on the KIT glows when there is no passage of fluid. It has SPI
In the sim 300 hardware specification it is written that supply voltage should be 3.4-4.5 volts. But the gsm modem board in which SIM 300 is contained is having a starter guide in which it is written that "Operating Voltage: 7 ? 15V AC or DC (board has onboard rectifier) ". Then Why power led of sim 300 based gsm modem is not glowing when (...)
power led of sim 300 based gsm modem is not glowing when external supply port is directly connected to the 9 volt dry cell...........How can i correct it??????? Please help me.............
Hi, I tried to make gsm part from sim548c working, So I can play around its AT Command. I made the schema as follow. 82161 The power source is from LM2596 adjusted at 4.2v with (+) connected to 4 pins VBAT. The status pin is connected to the led, so I know when it is turn-on. It is light-on, means the gsm part should be
Hi everbody.Firstly I use sim908 module for my projet.I send AT command to SIM908 but i didnt response.Later ı updated false firmware in sim908.i used SIM900 firmware update .Later Sım908 didnt work.gsm net led didnt blink again.How can i solve this problem.Please Help me .