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Not tested code. Calculate SPBRG value for your Fosc. I have already given you working C18 USART code a few days back. #include void UART2_Write_Text(char text); gsm_Send(char min, char hr); void UART2_Write_Text(char text){ unsigned int i = 0; while(text)Write2USART(text); } void gsm_Se
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Hi..I am doing my final year project on 'Home automation using gsm modem'.I am using pic18F4520 and gsm modem (wavecom q2403 model).When I connect modem with laptop(using hyperterminal),the modem is responding.When I interface (...)
hi, in our projet, we are using pic 18f,gsm modem and RF receiver. in that, we have connected modem to tx and rx pin of pic with a baud rate of 9600. now we have to interface Rf module to pic.can i connect that RF receiver to any port of (...)
Hi I need an help,that how to interface gsm(sim 300), with pic 16f877a.I have source code but i need an idea in hardware part. you can connect gsm modem with pic16f877 by using serial communication (rs-232) protocol. you need to convert TTL to (...)
hi i wanted to interface gsm modem with pic 18F4550 with out using rs232 and max232 by using TTL outputs of the modem i got a code but whem im compiling it using MPLab it is showing some errors. in that program many variables are declared as pointers is it necessary to (...)
See the protocol, if not understand why refer only gnokii page, you should search more pages. Don't aspect to get free programming, it's like spoon feeding. I'm never interface handphone but only use gsm modem that more easy.
I have a circuit i want to put together but i'm not sure how to go about it. I have a microcontroller pic and i need to connect it to a gsm Wavecomm modem. I've also been told that i need to come up with a interface Board to allow the modem to communicate with the (...)
Dear Forum Members, I would like to develop a device that will sms some sort of raw data periodically. I know one way to do this is by interfacing SIM300 or one of this modems to a microcontroller. However I would like to do one better. I want to design this device with a usb port. Where we can just insert an USB modem and (...)
Hello Im trying to interface a gsm modem with pic18F4220 @ 20MHz ceramic using C18 compiler. The gsm modem is a Siemens Model TC35. For the RS232 im using the 'MAX202CPE' chip. The initial test setup interface with the (...)
im new to gsm . and in my project i want to interface a gsm modem with a pic microcontroller to send and receive text messages.......i have searched through net but i cant get a clear idea...please guide me through this gsm and interfacing it with the (...)
Hi, try this site, it contains schematic , source code , gsm/gprs at commands but for pic. regards
Hi, There are many gsm/GPRS modems that use depending on your requirements... You can control them from pic or some other uC via AT commands via any UART port and/or directly via serial interface (Wavecom & Telit modules only)... Now you must choose depending on following: Most popular gsm (...)
Hi, I want to interface SIM300C gsm modem with a microcontroller (pic or 8051). Can anybody help me in this regard ?