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hello everyone !! i have one sim900A and one neoway m660a gsm modem. i have load code of ip modem of sim900A in my board, it works fine but when i only replace the modem with neoway it doesnt response for at command too im using winsock on hyperterminal can anyone tell me where i should look at?? (...)
I have gsm shield sim900 and I try to create a TCP server but the Server no response.. Mainly I want to create TCP server the gprs Shield and then send data to the client. My Code is : #include SoftwareSerial mySerial(7, 8); void setup() { mySerial.begin(19200); // the GPRS baud rate Serial.beg
Hello, I have developed a modem application using SIM900 modules. The problem is that now i am trying to use 4G LTE sim card and i have not accomplished network registration. If i use a gsm/GPRS sim card it works. What it could be? Thanks for your attention. Ricardo
hi! problem like this do occur with some gsm modem. However, visiting the telecom company or calling their customer care hotline might be a solution. That is to know if the device can be use on their network. or try the other way out by using another simcard from another network. Goodluck.
when i communicate gsm modem sim 900 with computer then it works properly and response is also as required but when i try to communicate with arm cortex 1788 then the gsm works properly like calling message and every commonds works properly but when i view its response it is not as required (...)
At least for mobile originated data calls, the modem will give you plenty of information about connection failure causes. I don't understand what "a SPECIFIC place in the room" means. Do you say, the card works O.K. in the same gsm cell a few meters aside? Did you record cell informations?
SIM900 will be good for gsm project.
Hi all. I interfaced gsm modem with my computer using hyperterminal, it works fine for reading, sending and deleting sms. But when I connect the same gsm modem to PIC18f46K22, I don't get any response from it. I have interfaced 2*16 LCD to see the sent commands to the gsm and to view the (...)
In gsm 300 modem, after dialing *121# some option will come then how to select option like 1,2... From that using at command.
Hello All, hello ckshivaram :-) I've a (semi) working solution with an embedded system and a SIM900 gsm modem here. Everything (sending/receiving SMS) works fine if I use a "local" SIM card here. The card may be PIN locked or not, I can use text format mode or PDU mode, everything is fine. But my problem now is that I'v
hi I am working on project for interfacing gsm modem with pic.for sending the at commands i used routine for transmission through uart. write_string("AT\r\n") for this I wrote the fun as- void write_string(unsigned char *str) { while(*str!='\0') { TXSTAbits.TXEN=1; TXREG=*str; while(!TXSTA
Dear All, I am interfacing Atmega16 with gsm modem(SIM900). modem works fine with hyperterminal. Controller also transmits and receives good with hyper terminal. But when i interface controller with gsm, i receive "PU8" and "PUi5" when i transmit "AT" & "AT+CFGM=1". int main(void) { (...)
Hi, I'm working on an gsm module SIM300 which works fine when i test in windows terminal but when try to send message from PIC18F2550, not able get message from it it is my code void main(void) { //Configuration of modem ADCON1 = 0x0F; // default all pins to digital TRISC = 0b11000000; // RC7(RX) as input , RC6(TX) as (...)
I am working on gsm modem SIm300 with 8051 Micro. When i got message NO DIAL TONE from modem, Micro gets hanged up.I tried reset Command also to reset gsm modem but with no success. To solve it i gave a delay of approx 2 minute. After that it work properly. Any idea to solve it without using delay. One (...)
Show your code. gsm Lesson.
modem works fine and as expected when checked using hyper terminal but do not get response when connected with microcontroller. To check whether i receive response from the modem i have written a small routine as follows: The code simply initialize lcd and serial port (this is fine as i get expected behaviour from both). Then I try to send (...)
Hi, can anyone help and give me the sample source code that i can use to interface the gsm modem with pic16f877a using mikroC pro. i've done with connecting the gsm modem with pc. and it works. im using uart to interface the gsm with the microcontroller. but i dont know where to start first. (...)
Which terminal software are you using?a carriage return and linefeed should be at the end of each at command therefore append carriage return(CR) and append linefeed (LF)should be enabled.Some gsm modem works even if there is no linefeed but carriage return is must after each at command.check other parameters like COM Number ,baud rate etc (...)
I would be really grateful if someone has knowledge about PIC18F452 and would help me with its interfacing with gsm modem. The following program works successfully when PIC18F452 is interfaced with HyperTerminal. That is, PIC sends AT to HyperTerminal and I manually send OK to PIC and it displays the same on LCD screen. However,
I am trying to record audio from the Usb powered gsm modem's Audio Out Pin using my PC. I have used a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack feeding modem's Audio to the PC Mic interface. But I am hearing the EMI noise that usually generated when you bring your mobile in a call to an unsheilded speaker system. The system works well when (...)
Hello, One of my customers has a standalone datalogger connected to a G24 gsm modem. It receives calls from another gsm modem conected to a PC located at his office. This link works ok. In order to reconfigure some parameters, I have to call to the datalogger gsm (...)
Hi mohamad to test the modem you can open hyperterminal in that try to type this command and see will works or not it shood work because all gsm modems will responds for AT commands after powering on the device type AT+enter you will get OK responce after that you type ATE0 + enter then AT+CMGF=1 + enter then (...)
Dear sir, I used PIC18F452 to communicate with SIMCOMM300 gsm modem. I done everything OK. It works fine for all AT Commands except "AT+CMGR". This command also processed successfully but not come out from the loop. I tried my level best to correct the issue. But still I didn't find success. Anyone can provide help to correct the issue. (...)
Hi everybody. I'm working on gsm module motorola g24l. I would like try write some AT commands. But it doesn't work. Witch baud rate should I use? Could u check my schematic if is properly? as soon as possible thank u for your help
yes it is possibel with ssm gate way.. First you have to learn serial port interfacing.. I have done it for win98 but same doesnot works in win xp.. but there are many ways to do serial port interfacing in VB this is first step. Second is you have get a gsm modem using your VB program you can send AT commands to gsm (...)
Hi, I want to develop an application that sends/receives sms via gsm modem. I tried Huawei E220 modem but it didn't work and it doesn't detect any signal, so i wan to buy a new gsm modem such that i works in USA(850/1900 gsm bands) and have no problem working on Linux. I (...)
hello, i am working with gsm module sim300 and interfacing it with pic16f877a .i am not getting any response from gsm modem except 'at ' in return instead of ok , can any one help me.i have a ready made board from market so there are no issue of interfacing.
Currently, our SIM300S modem come with problem when register SIMCARDS. This issue is like follow: SIMCARD works with mobile phones and Siemens gsm modems. It has problem working with SIM300S modules. When we first put the SIMCARD to the modem with works for the first time, from then (...)
Hi the guys, I seruiously need help..I am using PIC 18F452 to control the gsm to send or receive sms's. my PIC works fine with the PC under the baud rate of 2400 and 19200, since I am using the 4MHz oscillator. when I connect the PIC to the gsm, there is no reply from the gsm modem, I placed the PIC TX on (...)
Hi.. I think your pjt is a good one....But using MATLAB for image processing and VB for communication ie using two different platforms ,I wont suggest. In VB itself there are features/functions for image processing.....Try book "Visual Basic Graphics Programming - Rod Stephens". Moreover MATLAB is basically used for Technology Demonstration/
I want to make a gsm MODAM vai mobile phone set can any body help me?
Hello, I have a gsm modem, I used it for SMS only. I checked it using Hyper terminal and it works very well. I did make a circuit with 89c51 and simple program to send SMS but it works some times and some time not. Any one know what is the problem. Thanks,
You can use old mobile instead of gsm modem module. it's very cheap. such as C35 -----------------------------------------
Hi, Try to connect gsm with PC via Hyperterminal. If is OK, you have bug in SW ( communication routine must be done by interrupt handler) Regards, micro_tools
On 2002-04-14 23:39, darksky041257 wrote: Anyone had any experience of interfacing to a gsm phone module. I want to make a remote data logger. Hello, I will try to explained it. To make a remote data logger working with gsm-Phone as transmission media, you must know about AT command connected with serial protocol. T