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In older days gsm engines ( gsm modems ) will have serial interface and can be controlled by programs using AT command. We can process sms, call numbers and other such operations. Likewise, is it possible to control the 3g data cards ( which takes a 3g enabled sim card inside it ) through programming from pc? is there any standard for (...)
I could successfully interfaced gsm modem to PC. now i want to interface the same modem to AT89C51. so can any one please suggest any site where i will get a sample of a program?? actually i referred some sites but i got all C programs and i want to do programming in assembly. so if available please suggest me some sites where i will find program
Example C code for gsm Modem.
yes i mean hyperterminal when i said terminal.... usually when we develop programs for gsm we connect the controller board to hyperterminal, and when controller sends "AT" to terminal window we type OK instead of modem, and see if controller sends the next command... like this we type the commands on terminal and test the functionality of the contr
I have a sim300 gsm/GPRS module which is connected to 8051. I have programs to send SMS and to send data to remote server via GPRS. Both of these work fine separately. The Problem: If i send data to server through GPRS first, close connection and then send SMS ,both functions works fine. But if i send SMS and then connect to GPRS
hello fellow engineers.. we are working with our thesis project. we use pic16f877a to interface with the sim900D gsm/sms module.. we are having problems (program) on testing the module if it communicates with the PIC and could really send message..we have tried inserting a sim to the module and call the number on the sim.tapping a speaker in
Hello, in my opinion, if you are looking for a standard that allow you to transmit to mobile stations moving in different "clutters" regions... then the best choice could be DVB-H. It was designed to broadcast TV programs to mobile phones. About the mobility, I think that if you're thinking at mobility like gsm... it is not the same. DVB-H terminal
hello everyone, I am new to microcontorllers and also have a weak C background. So, are there any syntax in Keil, by which i can generate a hex file from programs written in assembly language using Keil. Btw, i'm using a NXP 89v51rd2bn controller for my project which is a home auomation system which incorporates gsm, IR and keypad to control var
Hay All, Can anyone help me with a matlab/simulink/VHDL gsm modulator and/or demodulator design? I need to implement a basic gsm modem for my DSP project and I need some help. 10x
you can use VB to design your GUI and ADO to connect a database where you can consider microsoft jet in .mdb or sql server as well. for gsm interface, you can use mscomm to manage the appropriate AT commands from your rs-232 for sms applications.
Some gsm specs about sms.