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Did you mean PIC and/or PLC? A mixture of lowecase and uppercase characters may lead in a misleading. Anyway, for both cases, considering that most gsm module interfaces are serial, I do not really see any issue there.
Hello, Trying to interface M590 with Arduino Uno. Example sketches did not work. Then I connected gsm to my laptop via USB to serial FTDI module. Using arduino serial monitor, communication with gsm Module seems alright as all AT commands responded by M590 module is correct. But M590 module does not (...)
I am using Atmega 32 Application needs 2 Rx lines. In fact using gsm modem and GPS module. It needs communication with both, but I need one at a time only. gsm needs both Rx and Tx, : so giving the serial port to this. One more Rx is needed for GPS module. I wish to use 74LS257 multiplexer to select one of the two (...)
dear aman if you are beginner then you directly moving gsm is not good idea. do on serial communication and other things then you move on. Please try something and ask help. here everybody are there to guide you not to provide ready made stuff
I have made the following circuit using atmega162. Here, when RFID reader detects a tag,the data is sent from the reader to the MCU via usart 0,in interrupt mode. Then this data is sent to server using gsm serially. gsm is connected to UART 1. Afterwards, server transmits a data via gsm to MCU for taking further action.For (...)
Hello, I am totally new for VB. Can anyone please guide me on the code for VB for serial communication and gsm interfacing. The set of command called ATI commands . same as used with serial modems of fax modem hope it helps Zeyad
Hi, currently i am working on the cdma module. I am very new to this module. I need to send a data from cdma module to server using TCP. For eg: I have to use the below procedure for that particular command (I have to Check what software revision is being used: 1. Send command AT+GMR 2. Wait for response OK 3. Ensure you have a value
hello sir, i need program (embedded C) for my project 'sms based notice board '. i am using at89s52 uC and sim 900 for gsm module, sir here i am not using any serial communication ic coz there is inbuilt max 232 in sim 900...... i have completed my circuit as well as pcb designing, can you give me full coding for this project..... (...)
I am working on Sim300, trying to receive sms on atmega16 via serial communication. When i send " *23# " sms to gsm modem from my mobile, gsm sends " \r\n+CMGR:\s"REC\sUNREAD","+919762148043",,"14/03/13,23:04:32+22"\r\n*23#\r\n\r\nOK\r\n " as response on serial port. I am getting this data on (...)
Hi all.. I am trying to establish communication between 2 gsm modems.. and i am done with it using Hyperterminal and labview support.. now i am trying to make the same communication using arduino coding by giving AT commands through serial input (instead of Hyperterminal).. but the problem is to send a data we need to give (...)
Hi Elias, The gsm - SIM900A module on default comes with 115200,8,N,1,NONE baud rate. Try in this baud rate..
hi I am to write about serial communication using mcu and gsm modem to send sms to mobile. but i face some problem. can anyone give suggestion? did i need to set sbuf ??? I am wirting AT command using c language. while(1){ if (ir_out==0){ SBUF = "A"; waitTx(); SBUF = "T"; waitTx(); }
hi friends.. i m using gsm modem (sim900) and its not taking my commands i entered through the hyperterminal.. how to test wheather my gsm modem is working correctly.???? i think there is no problem with my serial communication.. bcz i also done loopback testing..its working correctly...also
Hi, First of all, don't use Hyper Terminal in PC for gsm module testing because Hyper Terminal don't display Hexadecimal value like '\r' = 0x0D, \n = 0x0A which is extremely use in gsm communication. Use other serial communication application like Hercules from HW group. Regards,
Hi friend, I have seen your whole code, in your main loop you first init gsm and then serial communication. How it is possible that gsm AT command work without serial communication initialize, So, first init serial communication then send AT (...)
hello I am doing my final project study that focuses on the control of a remote PLC with gsm First I connected the phone to my PIC ds PIC30F4013 with serial communication using UART I realized the code but it did not work I need your help please it is urgent that is the code with micro C pro for ds PIC: [//**** Declaration des (...)
Hi, I am trying to make an intelligent traffic light controllorvusing fpga with gprs which gives priority to emergency vehichles. I am using xc3s400 . And there is no serial comm port on the kit to interface eith gsm (sim 300) .can some one help on how to program fpga for serial comm and also how to interface uart with fpga
hi everyone, i am using sim900a gsm module ...i have connected the module through serial port ..but when i am sending any command like AT..the reply is the same ...please help .... baud rate is 1200 ,1 stop bit ,no parity bit ..
hi I am working on project for interfacing gsm modem with pic.for sending the at commands i used routine for transmission through uart. write_string("AT\r\n") for this I wrote the fun as- void write_string(unsigned char *str) { while(*str!='\0') { TXSTAbits.TXEN=1; TXREG=*str; while(!TXSTA
Hi..I am doing my final year project on 'Home automation using gsm modem'.I am using pic18F4520 and gsm modem (wavecom q2403 model).When I connect modem with laptop(using hyperterminal),the modem is responding.When I interface pic with pc,serial communication is working fine.But when I connect pic with gsm (...)