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Hi there, I am working on a project. Its a tracker device. I have used a gps and gsm module sim900. And now I Got the location and I can send location to another mobile. But I want to know, how can I send and store the location data to a server? I don't know what to do. Someone please explain me the block diagram. I am a new guy to this departme
Hi All, I am planning to use sierra wireless's HL6528 GPS+gsm module for the development of GPS tracker. Could any one here share their experience about the module or the remark on the sierra wireless products? My requirements are very stringent so that the GPS should track the location in the indoor scenario. Its should be very reliable and h
Hi all. I am facing a problem with my device (having SIMCOM SIM900D Module) when it gets into gsm Blind (No Network) Region. I have some device suing SIM900D. Basically its a gsm-GPS tracker. When I did test continuous run for 24hr at my home. Everything works fine. But while the device is in Car, then sometimes in road (...)
A GPS receiver will only receive signal. You should use any other medium such as gsm to send the signals thorugh an embedded system.
hello My graduation project is a gsm/GPS Car tracker. I am using pic18f452, Mikroc and sim900 i almost finish the project but i have a problem. i store the coordinates that come from the sim900 to the pic via uart in an array and then i need to convert the coordinates from ddmm.mmmmmm format to decimal format but i cant. the problem in ddmm.
1-control something wirelessly (wifi , bluetooth , gsm) using android smart phone . 2-design a 2d sun tracker for photovoltaic cells
HI All , I plan to make sms,tcp tracker with pic18 microcontroller. I already make this plan and it work fine in testing process using pic18lf25k22 and gps ls20031. and sim900 form simcom to send the longitude and latitude with time, speed .. etc. But even now, I am not convinced with this GPS receiver , and yes for gsm modem ( it small
Hi Mark, We design and manufacture OEM gsm/GPS tracking modules to customer specifications. 79243 79244 Some pictures of a unit we did recently. PM me if your are interested.
Hi, I am trying to implement a gps tracker circuit that will be powered up by a li-ion battery. Thus, I need to estimate my average power consumption. I am using TELIT GL865-DUAL gsm Module to communicate with the platform. gsm Module has two power modes : GPRS - 360 mA IDLE - 1.5 mA Of course, most of the time, my (...)
Not precise like GPS but can do the work, check this: gsm tracking without GPS gsm tracking without GPS - Hack a Day Track your location without using GPS (using LAC and
I am creating a tracker which sends GPS Location to Server Through gsm after every 15seconds. In which i am getting string from a GPS Module (Holux M-89) and sending this string through gsm Module (SIM300DZ). I connected the GPS TX pin to RX of PIC18f452 and gsm RX to TX of IC18F452. GPS Module work on baud rate of 4800 (...)
Hi,everyone,I am Stephen from China,we supply wireless module and GPS tracker gsm/GPRS Module: SIM900/SIM900A/SIM900B/SIM900D WCDMA/HSPA Module:SIM5215/SIM5216/SIM5218/SIM5320 GPS Module:SIM08/SIM18 Short-Range Module:SIM20 GPS trackers: Vehicle Locator GV100 Child GPS phone GT200 Personal GPS mobile phone GT300 Pet (...)
How about a gsm GPS tracker? You could use a SIMCOM or Telit module.
which gsm module..... test in hyperterminal first. give basic AT commands and see if you get the result. then try with controller
search gsm and GPS in this forum you will get lots of project done. take idea from there tooo. it will be fast
first u have to select a gsm modem,there are two types of modem's 1.have built in TCP/IP stacku can establish a TCP connection by simply sending AT commands to modem and the other in which u have to write an application for tcp/ip stack,which is a tough job i guess. After that u have to send AT commands to modem using microcontroler. Bu
Dear you should use 74151 or 4052 or 4067 Multiplexer to multiplex the signals of GPS and gsm. And use just single UART. Regards Naveed Khowaja
Hi Wesser, I've been designing GPS stuff since 2000, and have a very nice device. ARM 946 CPU @78MHz with 8MB Flash + 2MB PSRAM MCP combo (M36WOR6040T1) 3 SIM cards: One InSIM + One SMD and One on Connector. Has 3 buttons and 2 bicolor LEDs that can be mounted on top or sideways. Has external SPI Flash, like an AT45DB321D for history reco
Hello! I am actually involving in re-wrote some pieces of code for one AVL vehicle tracker developed with microchip pic18f6627 uC. In this design, Melabs PIC BASIC PRO was used for develop the entire source code (in BASIC dialect). The project initiate in 2005 and now, need some modifications (because of use another GPS module, gsm modem, an
Hi, I want to modify the existing firmware of PT-10 pet tracker from Weiom Corporation, China. It has LPC2148 microcontroller, Sim300 gsm/GPRS module and SiRF III based gps module. But I can not determine the circuit schematic since most of the connections are under Sim300 module. Do you have schematic of this device? Did anybody tried to modi