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i have searched alot for the driver of grabador todopic usb summer 2005 driver gtp-usb summer 2005 #0 i have windows 7 and i am also trying to use this with the xp using oracle virtual box. both give the same error (shown below) when i open the winpic800 software and click on detect device. failed to open ind.#0
Hi Friends, I need firmware for gtp usb Plus Programmer. Helping in this regard will be highly appreciated. regards
you can also go for gtp usb lite programmer its firmware is free, for serial programmer you can use JDM programmer its easy to build.
hello guys i have gtp-usb 2005 summer edition ,i would like to know how to make it run on windows xp mode cauz my laptop runs windows 7 . when i plug the programmer in nothing detected so, what's wrong ????help plz thanks
hello friends, did any one find the solution for how to make gtp usb PIC programmers supporting windws 7 and vista ?,like all of you I read about PICkit 2, but as you can see it costing kit incontrast to gtp usb PIC programmers thank you all of you
hi, I have built a gtp usb lite pic programmer.... it seems that the programmer is working in the desktop computers but it failed to function in laptops.... i got the circuit and firmware from the site ali3nworld: gtp-usb-Lite Programmer (again) - daily visit
You may choose a serial port programmer like a JDM programmer or usb based programmer like the gtp usb lite, Plus, June bug or the Pickit 2lite. All will work fine for a 18F4550. Every programmer is discussed here in eda before. Just have a search. Cheers
Hi, I'm trying to program a PIC18LF2455 but never been successful on it.. I tried programming it on JDM2 using Win PIC, PICPgm but always ended in error...Even with gtp-usb 3.55g can't detect the chip but I can program all other PIC like 18F4550,877A,F84,F628A..I only got problem with this 18LF2455.. Can you recommend a working programmer
Here is my own version of gtp-usb Lite using PIC18F4550...Since I was not able to find locally the 18F2550 i used a bigger
hello dear friends i am raj i had made gtp-usb plus but i dont have firmware it not working with gtp-usb-lite firware so i request to all please send me firmware for above programmer firmware thanking you rajendra kumar
The PICkit2, Pickit 2 Lite, gtp usb, JDM, are some popular PIC programmers available on the net for free with all required details. Even you can have a search on EDA for the same. You'll find a pileup of programmers and threads with related documents and discussions. Cheers
Hi, Thanks for the interest..actually just finished my usb programmer (old gtp usb Lite) unfortunately I can't get any 2550 in my place but got 2 pcs. I revised the connection to accommodate a bigger 4550..I just follow the PORT connection and burn the same HEX and it works! Well looking forward for usb PIC programmer (...)
Hi, I'm planning to build the gtp Lite usb PIC programmer but unfortunately don't have PIC18F2550 on hand, what I've got is PIC18F4550...too big for the project but never mind the size.. I read somewhere else that I can replace 2550 with 4550? My question is how to modify the pinout of 2550 to be compatible with 4550? I was thinking that
Hi friends can winpic800 be used to program a pic using gtp usb lite programer on a windows7 system?If not how can we achieve the same please help me
gtp usb PIC PROGRAMMER (Open Source)
hi all thes site is awesome for micro so i have problem to solve. so i haveprogramer but i want to know if this circuit programer is gtp usb lite or not i will make this programer for microcontroller and i wounder if it can program pic18f4550 \pic16f877 or not . iam sorry the site with arabic language but u can see the photo there.u
Hhole project with original proteus pcb files....schematics, source code, assembly photos..... And..I get this code from some where.... basically its pickit2 code modified to use with gtp plus.... I'm working on others projects these days so didn't get time so uploading if anyone working on this project plz test this code and tell me so
hello guys i need 'gtp usb 2005 summer driver' for VISTA or WIN7 thanks for your helping Added after 12 minutes: oh.. notice: NOT for xp or gtp usb + (plus)
better build a pickit2 (clone) or icd2 (clone) today than trying to make a gtp usb clone which , in its free version, doesnt support recent pics... you must use a gtp usb LITE and the gtp software v3.55 if any of the two is not right, nothing can work.
dear friend i made gtp-usb plus but i don't have firmware so if any body having firmware of gtp-usb plus so send me at and i tried old firmware of gtp-usb summer is not working. thanking