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Just to do a quick test of Ansoft maxwell 14, I decided to run a very simple 2D problem from the v12 User's guide - a coaxial capacitor - in a "cylindrical about Z" geometry. Following the steps in the guide, I set up and ran the problem...which took only a few minutes...and got the correct value of capacitace: 2.723 pF (the same value (...)
In my opinion you can start learning about RF Circuit Design, jumping over maxwell principals and equations. You can learn about this later. There are hundreds of RF books published, but I would recommend these ones: Complete Wireless Design - C.Sayre RF Circuit Design - C.Bowick RF Design guide - P.Vizmuller
I'm wondering, does anyone have the latest maxwell 3D user guide? Thanks.
I decided to learnt about CPLD and FPGA and commenced to read "The design warrior's guide to FPGAs" by C. maxwell. Clear and to the point. Budget is a concern. Still considering costs for a starter kit, probably Coolrunner II from Xilinx. Yes it's a CPLD. As a self taught hobbyist I don't like to waste my time and money as I did many times in