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Hi this is a 80m SSB transceiver based on the phasing method I consider the phasing audio section. In the transmit mode, 180 degrees AF phase signals are provided by the BJT terminals, then somehow shifted by these RC to prod
Hi all, Could you recommend some key/good papers about static CMOS comparators (not dynamic ones)? Thank you very much.
Hey all, I am using Verdi for simulation of RTL. We have lot of assertions in design and I would like to know if an assertion is fired in a simulation or not. There is a assertion debug mode which should list out all the assertions, however, I am not seeing any information if it is passing, failing, checked, or not at all fired. Is there some ki
Hi all, I have a problem in defining RESETs in Spyglass DFT flow. Can any body point to me the correct way of defining the Resets in the flow. Thanks
I have a PCB design with an onboard uC (ESP32-WROOM-32D) and voltage regulator (AMS1117-3.3). The PCB doesn't have USB comms or power, so I want to have a separate "bootstrapping" board which has those things and connects to the uC via a 4-pin header. Should I add a diode to protect the voltage regulator on the board with the uC when power is com
Hello, attached is the transient pic of the fully differential amplifier I have designed, if you look to the vo+ and vo- you will see the sparks on it, however the differential coltage is clear due to the subtraction, my question, should I be concirned about the individual outputs or only have to look to the differential output (Vo_diff)
This has nothing to do with LEDS :) Many power converters are liable to saturate the transformer under unbalanced conditions, I am looking at a full bridge with a bridge rectifier output so there are plenty of oppertunities! The standard method to reduce the problem is to use peak current control. In my case I wish to use average current mode, a
Hello, I see that slotted waveguide antennas are usually built from elements with diagonal offset (as shown in attached figure). The longitudinal offset is understood to me (phase difference), however the horizontal offset is not clear. If the waveguide is excited by TE 10 fundamental mode, the E field keeps his sign along X axis. Can you
Hiii.... i have plotted Gm vs Vgs graph,as shown below please help me to analyse that graph, why it rises suddenly, why it start to decrease, which parameter is responsible for this kind of behaviour ? please help to know what are the short channel effects affects the transconductance ? i know gm is affected by velocity saturation and some mo
Hello guys! I want to understand how to run noise analysis in cadence for differential amplifier. How to do it and come up with a value of spectral density for the noise present in the circuit. Thanks in advance.
Hi I am using FMC150 Daughter card which has 14 bit TI ADC which can be configured for both LVDS and LVCMOS type output to carrier card. When I am setting the adc in LVCMOS mode with 2's complement digital output, I am having the output bits raised by 2^13. So my output is always in unsigned mode with DC bias of 2^13. If I am giving no input signal
Hi, I want to desing a 2 way divider with using coaxiel cable. Divider should work in 9-10 MHz. I am using AWR. But i have a lot of problems. I can't meet project requirements. and i should not use wilkinson divider. Can someone who is knowledgeable about this subject reach? I'm adding my work below. thanks. 157222[
Hi all, Many of you may be interested in building electronics DIY kits. Building kits is one of fun and effective ways to learn electronics as well as soldering skill. The most classic and practical kit is LED clock kit for sure. Available clock kits in market provide basic clock features like time and alarm setting. However, if you are looking
Hi, I have a question regarding differential negative feedback circuit, addressed in Design of analog CMOS integrated circuits written by Razavi. On page 314 (Figure 9.30 (b)), Each output of an fully differential amplifier is shorted to the input of the amplifier to address the need for CMFB(Common mode feedback). (Resistor load is use
Hello and greeting everyone and Happy new year. I have designed a circuit of CAN communication using a MCP2518FD CAN controller and ATA6561 CAN transreciever. I am using a buck converter to give 3.3V dc to the circuit and, giving a supply of 12V input the system. My transreciever is getting short-circuited most of the time. I am not able to figu
What are sequence to initialize HD44780 display device ? . are given in page 42 to initialize in 4 bit mode but the table it seems confusing me 1. Display clear 2. Function set: 3. Display on/off control: 4.
hi guys i am using stm32f429 In my application I need to provide clock input to a AC Servo Drive. i must generate a pulse and control frequency and number of pulse. i am going to control frequency from 1Hz to 200KHz (with 1Hz Resulotion) and control number of Pulse between 1 Pulse to 4294967296 Pulse (a 32 bit variable). i use timer 1 in pwm m
Hello, On my custom designed PCB, I use a STM32F7 processor. I control a SPST switch with TIM ISR. I establish a serial interface with SPI2 for a DAC control. Also I have an external ADC which is controlled with SPI4 DMA mode. Now I call the SPST and DAC control commands with TIM ISR. For the ADC, I call the SPI DMA function in main.c file. The
I am designing linear power amplifier for cell phone, all of our PAs (L/M/HB) need 2nd harmonic termination to get good linearity and PAE. Removing the 2nd harmonic termination degrades performance a lot no matter how we tune it. However I know that removing the harmonic termination while maintaining the performance is possible. Does anyone here kn
I am bit confused about the motor operating in the four quadrants. Is this operation specific only to DC motor or applicable to synchronous AC motors as well? Please advise.