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I was watching a video on Youtube on how to measure ESR for capacitors and it mentioned something interesting. It mentions the circuit does not have to be terminated with a 50 Ohm termination because of the low frequency. Can anyone explain why? Thanks,
Hi, In my currently working organization we are going to start product with laser diode and detector. I want a basic document how laser diode will work and how we have set the light frequency or wavelength. and how photo detector will work. And what is the use of Spectrometer. Iam searching in net but iam not able to find a correct
so can you have an antenna which is perfectly matched at 800 MHz have zero or negative gain at 800 MHz? in other words, any link between return loss and gain? Isn't efficiency the link between return loss and gain? If an antenna is matched, it is efficient. Gain = directivity x efficiency, so gain should be higher unless directivity is super
Hi In ADS software In EM setup windows, in mesh tab, which is the accetable value of mesh frequncy and cells/wavelength? and what is the effect of change these values on the simulation results? Thanks
Hi guys, I'm Very new at Electronics and Electronics circuits. I'm trying to create a Matrix with high power InfraRed transmitter. I have two issues: 1) How to calculate the wave-length I need to my InfraRed transmitter While I know the this: "Each pulse is turned on and off at a frequency of 38kHz" 2) How to choose a high power InfraRe
Hi. Its been a long time i try to design a antenna. I´m trying to build a circular slotted antenna for 2.44Ghz based on the paper "On the Miniaturazation of Cylindrical Omnidirectional Slotted WaveguideAntennas for Wireless Applications" According to a paper: 1) It uses a C22 waveguide. 97.87mm in diameter. 2) Lenght: "5 * guides wavele
In order for the simulation to yield accurate results, the model needs to be meshed properly and it is oftentimes beneficial to assign local mesh properties to certain structures to ensure that the meshing will be finer in that region. In general I would be very interested in a guide/tutorial for manually optimizing the meshing (time domain hexahed
How to compute the "light level" if there are 135000 photons at a given wavelength ?
Hi, I am trying design a basic array that has 2 elements. I want to create Cardioid Pattern, the distance between two antenna is quarter wavelength and phases are 0 and 90 degree. But the result is not correct. Can someone help me to find what i am doing wrong?
It looks like all those wireless energy chargers for small devices and cars use LC resonant circuits at Non-ISM frequency band (100 KHz for Qi standard 19.5 KHz for PlugLess Energy). I've also red that LC circuits in resonnance is équivalent to an antenna. So my question is, aren't they illegal? I am new in electronics and know very little abo
Using dispersion plot (ω Vs K), we can understand the nature of guided modes, present within the photonic band-gap. The photonic band-gap (PBG) appears since different discrete values of ω present at same K value. How can I understand the phenomena, if at different K values there exist same value of ω, within PBG? for example, if
Hello, I was trying to design and build a simple solderless breadboard 16MHz transmitter (schametics of final stage is shown on image atached) but incountered a problem with antenna. I was thinking that antenna is just a piece of wire sticked into the transmitter, but it turned out that designing an antenna is a science. On my schematics
hi,my friend,i know that in laser we have more quality light,can nay describe mechanism LASER and LED? i search much,is there any description mechanic quantum for these process? thanks for reply.
Hi, I am getting troubled with making connection between separation distance between two rf input port and wavelength of signal. I know the two rf input ports cannot be placed to each other, otherwise there will be an EMI. However what is the minimum separation distance in order to have a smaller size. Is that related to wavelength of input rf p
Hello everyone, I am quite confused about the calculation of spring antenna (or rubber ducky antenna defined by Wikipedia). I tried with an online spring/helix antenna calculator to determine the parameters however the results do not seem like a rubber ducky antenna at all. Also, I tried to simulate a such antenna (by measuring its pitch, turns
Hello I have designed a mono helical antenna in HFSS with these settings: Solution type:Driven a Helix with these settings 126192 and "analysis" option: 126193 126194 and frequency sweep: 126196 and here is my design 126195[/AT
Using HFSS for*simulating of FSS dual bandstop filter (0.9 and 1.8 GHz), a Floquet-Port needs to be assigned at an appropriate height over the surface. How much is that height supposed to be? and how can I be so sure of the results if any small change in this height dramatically changes the results?? what should be the Deembed distance? and w
As analog engineer, I have been asked to review a design before production. This design include an antenna on the PCB (see attached picture, about 5cm by 5cm), but the antenna design seems very strange to me. This emitter antenna must work in the band of few Hz to few 10 Hz (ELF band). A simple calculus tells me that the wavelength is several tenth
hello,Everyone i am newbie in this forum, i am undergraduate student of electronics,i want help about my Final year project "human following Robot"can any one help me that,what type of sensors should i use,and what kind of methodology should i use to make human following robot. i am very very grateful if any one helped me...
Could any point me towards some guidelines for separation between active elements of UHF antennas (helix, yagi etc) and their radome? I was assuming half wavelength but I could do with coming in closer. Thanks.