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hello Can anyone help me with HFSS simulation of 64 antenna array .the best feeding method and how to implement it Please can anyone help me toutorail 138220 please I need urgent help - - - Updated - - - I want an explanation or any tutorial explaining how to implement this ?
Hi, can the optical interference occur between two LEDs which spectra are partially overlapped??
I've written a FDFD simulation in python following the procedure written by Dr. Rumpf here: I think I'm having some issues with the source. Slide 36 defines k0 as 2*pi / wavelength If I let wavelength be 1000e-9 meters or 1000 nm k0 = 6283185.30718 nref =
Hi , I am working with LS9-40/220-30/100-S10-11 pulsed laser diode module purchased from LaserComponents, Germany. I have made all the required connections but I am not able to sense any output light even when IR card is used. Following is the pin conf: pin 1 : +12V DC pin 2 : 0 to +5V, to vary the output pulse width 29ns-123ns pin 3 : 0 to+5
i need to desgin substrate for 200 ghz, someone know that thickness i need?
Hi, Can anyone tell me why does directivity of a directional antenna changes over frequency? For example, I designed a patch antenna with -10 dB bandwidth from 3-5GHz. By simulation I obtained the 2d plot of directivity vs frequency. Directivity changes over frequency within 3-5 GHz. What may be the reason? I would like to know the explana
Hi people, I want to study about wide band matching using transmission line. Can anybody provide me with a source ? It can be ADS tutorial or an written example ? For example I want to know how this one is designed (NOT lumped elements part, T-Line design part). 137709
Hi, I'm simulating a rectangle or circular PEC plate in EMPro to calculate the RCS. When the frequency of operation is 6 GHz and the dimension of the place is about twice of the wavelength (wavelength=50 mm at 6 GHz and the dimension is 100 mm) the RCS is about -2~-3 dBsm But when I increase the frequency to 75 GHz (wavelength=4mm) and (...)
Did you consider the effect of effective dielectric constant on the wavelength i.e. guided wavelength? Simulators may not simulate the materials perfectly. Examine its sensitivity, introduce an error of 10% on the dielectric constant and calculate what it causes on the amount of phase shift. 10 degree of shift is not looking high to me.
hello,i try to design a multiband antenna based on wavelength is λ=120mm.What should I write at mesh settings to get a "good" mesh? I would appreciate if you could give me an explanation or suggest to me a paper or a book or a site which I could understand why. Thanks in advance
I am trying to design a feeding mechanism for 8 patch antenna array. I have used 50 ohm transmission lines followed by a 70.71 ohm quarter wave transformers(circular shape). Please see attached image for more clarity. I have made inset feed patches. They have good performance at 2.3 Ghz. It will be a great help if you can let me know any fu
I am working on multilayer hybrid plasmonic waveguide which involves silver, silica and silicon. I have to calculate surface roughness and scattering losses at 1550nm wavelength. There is one macro defined in CST for surface roughness but that is useful for lossy metal at GHz range. While defining the material also, there comes one option such as:
To design a simple microstrip patch antenna. Leff , deltaL , Eeffective is given by Balanis 137047137048137049 For 5.2 GHz frequency, er=4.4 h=1.6mm λ0=300/5.2 mm=57.69mm λnew=λ0/sqrt(Eeff)=29.28mm So for drawing quarterwave line which lambda is to u
I've designed microstrip and stripline filters at S-Band that have excellent performance. Because the propagation mode is nearly TEM, I expected performance to be even better at UHF. That's not what I'm observing. Both stripline and microstrip are showing extremely high losses compared to the theoretical models. This is true for FR4 and a variety o
Get ready for crazy thoughts :) We're out in space with two dipoles, separated by a few meters. One transmits, one receives, it's working perfectly of course. What if one of the dipoles were inside of an aluminum box?! The aluminum is thick enough to completely block the electric field from reaching out but there is still a magnetic field tha
Hi everybody. I am designing a Wilkinson Combiner to sum two signals in phase of 75 each, in 6.3 , in AWR software. I selected an isolation resistor of 60, but in the datasheet mentions 2 of parasitic capacitance. Therefore, i added a 2 capacitor in paralell to the resistor in the simulation. That capacitor, degrades so
hi sir, guide me how do i do? You will be surely guided. But tell us what you want to do.
VIA population around this sensitive line is too low.Add thru VIAS to real GND layer ( probably an internal Power Plane because I see one just above the line ). Feedback lines should particularly be well screened and guided because they are sensitive nodes having high impedance.
Hai, How can I calculate the feedline width of log periodic dipole antenna?
Let's say source and load are 50 Ohm and the transmission line has a discontinuity near the beginning and near the end. Let's say these are very short and in-between the transmission line is back to 50 Ohm. Is this worse than if the discontinuity persisted in-between (as seen in the picture)? Basically, if there is a discontinuity, for example a