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I am trying to make an automated guided vehicle that will first move in a space(as of now in a restricted area with few obstacles) and correspondingly make a map of the area. I am making use ultrasonic sensors. I came across this term called SLAM(simultanious localization and mapping ). I have tried to understand the same. The concept is fine but i
hi all... i have a small confusion regarding nm or nanometer in UV LED. i just want to ask more nm means more distance of light and more superior. actually i am ordering UV LED's for PCB developing. i have checked that 420nm to 430nm = 6 $ (10 pcs) 395nm to 400nm = 6.50 $ (10 pcs) 3.80nm to 3.85nm = 8 $ (10 pcs) 365nm to 370nm = 21 $ (10 pcs
Hello, I read an article wich use a patch antenna in the frequency range of 3 to 13GHz, for me i want to modify the dimensions of this patch to work in the frequency range of 30-34GHz, how can calculate the new dimensions of geometry of the proposed antenna? the image of the antenna is shown below, and thank you in advance.
Hi all, When we use air gap(between the dielectric substrate and ground plane) technique to enhance the antenna parameters we use height h= substrate height + air gap height for calculation of patch and feedline dimensions. What about the effective permittivity and wavelength? How to calculate the effective permittivity and wavelength when using an
Hi In any transition ( Microstrip, CPW, SIW...), its length should be chosen as a multiple of a quarter of a wavelength in order to minimize the return loss. Please explain me with necessary technical notes. This will be helpful to me.
Dear Members Can someone please let me know the optical properties of polymer material PDMS . I want to the n and k values and dielectric constant and loss tangent of PDMS at 1550 nm wavelength. Awaiting your response, Best Regards
Are you sure it is lambda/4 as if i remember correctly it was lambda_g/4 where lambda_g is guided wave length. One last thing if simulation is not working fine it means for sure we are assuming something and doing one thing there must always be some issue even if it our understanding of problem or understanding of software
Hi, In substrate wave guide (SIW) transitions, Conventional Microstrip to SIW Tapered transition is used widely. 1. What is the role of TAPER structure here? 2. What is the impact of taper length ? 3. Which parameter of this tapered transition does Impedance matching ? plz explain in detail. 4. Which parameter of this tapered tra
hi i need MATLAB code to calculate the dimensions of meshroom EBG structure. i need the dimensions for 2.4 GHZ
Hello I need to stack two helical antennas in cst because antennas are in uhf range these are wide around 2 wavelength and I used Integral equation solver Now in order to stack two of these antennas how to set the excitation port correctly to get a single farfield? file is attached Thanks
Hello everybody I am designing a wilkinson divider in HFSS. 135254 In HFSS how can we make /edit incomplete circle of width 70.7ohm (say 1.846mm for 5.2 GHZ) and incomplete circumference of half lambda (λ/2) for inner and outer circumference. Can it be drawn by using equation by curve. Please help if you can. T
Hello, I'm designing a 21 turns 435 MHz helix antenna (L=2 wavelength) and simulate with transient analysis: with 4,9 M mesh cells it takes around > 28 hours and 1K staircase cells. Maximum gain simulated is at 400 MHz VS 435 MHz calculated from updated research With integral Solver and 34 steps/wavelength now the maximum gain si around 440 MHz
I have seen many papers with antenna gain for on chip silicon based antenna in negative dB values? Why is it so? How is the antenna useful without a positive gain?
Hi to all I want LED with 657 and 940 nm wavelengh that have Dual wavelength phototherapy. please help me!
Hello Every One !!! Could someone help to find a way ti implement a phased array on ansoft designer v2 ? Maybe a project that i can use such a guideline
How to calculate resonant patch length for aperture coupled patch? For certain Er value there are formulas to obtain patch sizes. If substrate is separated from ground plane by air gap, how Er is affected? I guess Er becomes smaller, and patch size must be increased to compensate for this effect. Is there any numerical solution?
For narrow band antenna since they are tuned to a particular freq with some narrow band it is easy to calculate the matching network for the tuning. in case of uwb antenna since we are dealing with a wide band what can be done to improve matching (for example suppose for some range if the s11~ -5db how to improve the matching at that freq without d
Hi I'm confused about the basic stuffs Please see the following steps and check if it's correct 1) a wire has an inductance 2) longer wire has higher inductance 3) an electrically long wire is a transmission line 4) therefore, an inductor = kind of a transmission line A lossless tranmission line small signal model has a series induct
please The height of the air box over the unit cell (mushroom like ebg) to obtain phase reflexion
Some authors start their design from cutoff frequency. (DFW/SIW slotted arrays). So waveguide has width a little wider to obtain cutoff frequency a little lower than slot resonating frequency. But i have many concerns. If waveguide is narrow, then guided length may be larger than free space wavelength. My idea: maybe it is good idea to choose s