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Hi! I want to build an oximeter, and for that I need a bi-color led with wavelength of 760nm and 850nm. I found some here: , but the minimum quantity is 100, and I need only a few (3 or 4). Do you know of any website where I could find what I need? (And that sh
Greetings, I was trying to design a 2GHz microstrip filter. It's has 4th order butterworth response. For this filter I require a stub that has 0.036 mm thickness. This is very impractical for the PCB house (I am going for a cheap PCB manufacturer). Is there any other structure that can maintain very high characteristic impedance while being prac
I need to check EM properties of my antenna feed network, so to save time, I want to replace patches with equivalent open-circuit "loads", each with input impedance of 50Ω. How would I go about it? I can use stub matching to design a termination given the load, but how do I do that if my load impedance is infinity? I know it can be done sin
Hello All, I have the following issue while using a function generator connected to a oscilloscope. I have used plain BNC connectors and cables for the entire purpose. The following are the setting on my generator: 25Mhz; 1Vpp, 50Ohms. Now, when I connect to Channel 1 on the oscilloscope I am getting decently acurate similar readings as menti
Can you help me with answering to these questions? 1. Amorphous silicon has quite different properties to those of crystalline silicon. Why does amorphous silicon have a narrower spectral bandwidth (nm)? 2. How does a typical solar cell differ from a Shockley diode? 3. Why do short wavelength photons generate a lower photocurrent than lo
Some one please help me. I have need two model power divider one is basic model of power divider and another is modified wilkinsion power divider. i am using three half wave length and two quarter wavelength. but results not better.. what should i do...please refer any paper..pls guide me..
This is my First HFSS project. I already got some results however not sure if it is right. And also some questions need answers. Thanks for reading my question and help me:) The following is my model: 131211 As you can see the outside large cube is the air-filled cavity, and I set it as Radiation Boundary. The pink p
Why can't we use Optical fiber as a bi-directional channel.
I tried to create a loop antenna, consisting of a single closed loop for 144.3 MHz. I wanted to set the diameter so the real part of the input impedance was 50 Ohms, and then tune out the inductive part with a capacitor. So I set up this HFSS model, and found a radius for the loop where the input Z is 50 + j X Ω. So I built the loop according
Hi, Does anybody knows why the dipole antenna (half-wavelength, short, infinitesimal) has a null at theta = 0? I know that the pattern of dipoles have sin(theta) and therefore at theta = 0 is zero. But what is the background physics? Thanks
Hi all, Can anybody explain what the surrounding sphere is meant to be and how the value for that is considered? The freq. band of my simulation is 1-6 THz and the paper says the source is a half wavelength electrical Hertzian dipole...
I have designed a 2-D planner photonic crystal, with Si rods in air background, offering photonic bandgap around 200THz. Using line defects, I have designed a coupled-resonator optical waveguide (CROW). Now, I want to find the effective refractive index of the entire system for each variation of defects' radii. I have used CST FDTD and CST fr
Hi All, I have to use a wifi antenna and a cellular antenna in my design. What is the minimum spacing required between these two antennas to avoid interference among them? Regards Soumen
hi all , i am working in a structure at 60 GHz, and i am asking How to terminate or make a termination with 50 ohm at 60GHz. so , i can use it in microstrip technology. thanks in advance,
today i was studying DFB laser,i know in it's active region there is Diffraction grating. you can see image DFB is talked it has feed back,it is ambiguous !! can any explain how it can select a special wavelength ??? in t
Hi, from the following link : There is a polar diagram in VNA(Vector Network Analyzer) We are able to know the PCB layout trace length by phase variation. My que
If we use the wave port then it needs to be applied to the surface of the boundary therefore we can't have the radiation boundary wavelength/4 away from the PCB. I don't know if this does effect the simulation output or not. The wavelength/4 rule for radiation boundaries only applies to free space modes, not guided m
Hi, I need to develop a sensor based on changes of surrounding dielectric media at 100MHz. Sensor needs to be a PCB probe for low cost easy implementation. Exploring antenna or capacitance proprieties at 100MHz from pcb strips or some pcb design. Source inject 100MHz and need to measure reflected signal with detector. See pictures of ideia con
Hey, I have a problem with CST. I am simulating a coplanar resonator using CST software, see link: I want to increase the dielectric constant of the substrate from 100 to 10000. So far I am not sure how I should mesh the structure, because whenever I change the mesh the results of my
Hi everyone I recently submitted a new design for emc testing. Its passed all but the radiated emissions testing. The design incorporates a camera connected to a controller. The camera is powered by 24vdc down a 15 m power cable. When tested for emissions there are some pretty significant peaks in the results. 128241[/AT