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I want to control a TV (any genre) from Arduino UNO, instead of the remote of the TV. For this purpose I am trying to get the signals from Remote into arduino and then transmit the same codes from Arduino using an IR LED to the TV. For this purpose, I am following this tutorial
I need help with Sonic toothbrush hacking I am wondering if any of the experts here could answer any of these questions with the limited information that I can provide Information that I have: The Philips toothbrush has a two minutes turn off timer! a 30 second quad spacer (brief pause of vibration) every 30 seconds The pcb has a TI
I don't know what DRC you use, but I've made use of the get_texted() function in Diva, back in the day, for personal "ignore" rules logic. I haven't had the "pleasure" of hacking Assura decks or using other engines. The alternative, I suppose, is to create some hierarchy which superimposes adequate connected metal, and then remove the instance le
Hi, I have an arduino wifi shield (MCU 32UC3A1512-U) which I need to upgrade firmware. I am following the official arduino wifi shield upgrade process Unfortunately, the batchisp command shows below error "ERROR: no argument found. Type batchisp -h for help" Seems the batchisp command
Hi all, would like to know if anyone has hooked one of these up, took it out an old navman i had, Sirf2 chipset, and 6 wires off board. Think i have found similar board that uses RX Tx comms (rs232). any one any experience in hacking these/similar. want to view the data thats streams from it for future project. Steven
Thank u once again sir.....!! and if possible can u suggest me something about ethical hacking ???? because my aim is to become a good and professional hacker.....!!! and I'm working on it...... so it would be better if i get more and more suggestions..... Thanks in advance. Joe Backtrack - www
Anybody has good tutorials for learning to hack?i want to learn hacking to expand my networking knowledge.I will not use hacking for illegal.if anyone has good forums ,tutorials and websites upload here.
Not a pleasant request equal to hacking your own set up
Its called hacking or regular usage of PC services, such netbios sharing, web, ftp, telnet,... also there is anonimous access not all access based on passwords, in bigger networks like companies intranets is based on account rules. You can use some trojan for that. okay please explain better what i actually have
This is my first post after spending some time reading the forum. I have a VFD that I am using in my car as a Heads-Up Display. I set the 100% brightness and it works OK at night or in a cloudy day. But I can barely see it in a sunny day. I've been thinking in hacking the VFD to increase the grid/filament voltage and get more brightness. I un
I guess hacking becomes a career after you get cough intruding in systems which are supposed to be of high security (or you get in jail 8-O). Government agencies usually hire hackers (or make them work for free, who knows) to help them locate any vulnerabilities in the systems. Maybe there are companies that hire hackers in order to offer servi
Hm... my cat used to have a heated bed with a 2-hour automatic shut off, I used an arduino with a wifi shield to make it reset after 2 hours and make it controllable through a web page... Maybe you can find some inspiration here:
The Electric Imp has recently been announced At the bottom of the announcement: Electric Imp will retail for 25 USD and manufacturers should be able to buy the card in bulk for as low as 1 USD/pc. Developer preview
You can do some pointer array hacking; e.g. char *str="1234567890"; main() { char *ptr; char y; ... ... y = ptr; } Might be dependent on the compiler and it's optimizations. Also, poorly optimized code would ruin the day - about 20 time slower in some case. Carefully consider reading the assembly code (pr
Hi friends, Can any one help me to control the speed of electricity meter by inserting a device in any socket in the house without tempering the meter? the device consists of fan dimmer and other electronic components. thanks
I want to use an HCF4017 or similar device to controll many applications by hacking a rc car to send the motor control signals to the clock input of the HCF and then change the output and so change what device im controlling with the other "joystick" in the controller. Does anyone have an idea of how I can get this to wo
Hi, The Casio fx-5800P programmable calculator can transfer its data to another fx-5800P calculator serially through 3-pin cable. See figure below. 58585 It would be very useful if I can save data to the PC. To do so I have to understand the signal properties and the protocol that the Casio fx-5800P calculators use to com
Why waste time hacking breadboard loose contacts or dot (vero) board soldering when you can use modules with pre-crimped jumper wires to connect them! Use time saved to focus on getting your prototype working. for more info.