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i am using wcs1600 hall effect current sensor for measuring ac motor current but the out put of hall effect sensor is ac how to connect to microcontroller adc pin, if i convert to dc using diode the output is not leaner pls give any ideas
how about a current transformer? A hall effect sensor?
It's not clear why you would use a hall effect sensor in your design. Output voltage will be primarly kept constant by a voltage control loop. In case you want to use some kind of current feedforward, it could use a current transformer as the output is AC. But if you want a hall effect sensor for some reason, it's output (...)
I want to measure the average current through a small DC motor switched with PWM. current is measured via a hall-sensor with voltage output. I want a stabilized value each ms for a current regulator, meaning that the filter cant have a too big delay. First I need an analog filter to get rid of noise and such higher (...)
Use hall switch. He can measure RPM or rotating rotor at all. Lots of fans have already embedded hall switch sensor. If speed is under normal speed or 0 RPM this tell you to check fan. Pay attention on Cool&Quiet option. Best regards, Peter
Hi guys. i have A44E435 hall effect sensor, and i think its allegro product, and i can't able to find its pinout. no datasheet is available on net either, kindly help me. Regards.
Hi Im working on a circuit that have to make use of hall effect current and voltage sensors. is there any significant difference between the closed and open-loop sensors?. i've checked the material on the internet but non explains them explicitly. Thanks.
Hi All good people! I want to know how can i sense the current of a battery or a solar panel etc through a micro controller. What are the techniques used for this purpose?? :razz: Regards Yes you can use uC ADC to sense current. There is several ways for that, often are used current shunts or hall sensors.
You didn't tell, but apparently you want to measure the motor current. Usually an isolated current sensor (hall effect or shunt with isolation amplifier) is the best way to measure it.
Greetings, I have interfaced wcs1600 hall effect sensor,which have vout=2.5 ,when no current is passing through.And it increases 22mv per ampere as given in the datasheet.I am using 16f716 for adc which is 8 bit resolution.when i try to read the current it increases by my first 127 bits in adc is used because the sensor output sta
for current upto 5 Amp you have to use shunt resistor. For nontouching current resistor you can use hall effect current sensor.... We will discuss more about block diagram in future.... Best of luck
To start with, you will need an ADC, to check your voltage, a current sensor (it can be a hall effect sensor, or a current transformer). For reading temperature you will need a temperature sensor( may be a RTD will do for you or an LM35 IC which gives you an analog voltage based on temperature, so here again you need an ADC). Obviously you (...)
Additional to the classic current transformer method, there are now available devices which look like current transformers in that they generally have a toroid form that you pass the current wire through, (optionally with more than 1 turn), but are hall-effect sensors. Some simply amplify the sample, other more accurate (...)
You can use several things to sense overload of transformer. One sensor can be hall current sensor, which will detect current on maximum and overcurrent. Second thing can be measuring temperature on maximum allowed and over that. But first you should have transformer specification.
Sam what generator is involved, what type, size and rest infos ? For voltage you can go with voltage divider or small transformer. current measuring hall sensor like A1302. For fuel level, you must describe generator and fuel tank, all from shape, volumen,... Its possible to count and log produced KW/h, measure temp, log data to eeprom
You can buy new and cheap resistor in almost every market 5W 10W 0,1Ω or put two 0,1Ω to get 50mΩ. Resistive current shunt is not good, its worst way to measure current. Shunt have impact on circuit in some cases is very dangerous for usage (on higher amperage). Better use hall sensor such as ACS712 or any similar or maybe (...) can I read battery current in ma using pic 16f877a? You didnt specify which battery, what type, answer can be different. For battery best is to use hall sensor to eliminate power waste on current shunt (current shunt as secondoption).
8739787398 i am using hall sensor and i have connected as shown in the attached picture.. As in the datasheet mentioned, the quiscent voltage of about 2.5V is not coming.. Instead i am measuring I am measuring 0.71V without magnet and 0.11V when magnet placed near to it...Please let me know what mistake
i am using this sensor in magnetic field... so can u suggest any shielding techniques???
Hi. I am using an ACS710 hall effect sensor to measure current in a device for fully automated testing. The problem is that the ACS710 produces a 0-5V signal with 0A biased to 2.5V. My microcontroller can only measure 0-2V and I am only interested in positive currents, so what I need to do is shift the whole thing down by 2.5V so that 0A (...)