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How are you measuring the current? current sense resistor? hall-effect?
the problem is that all these solutions involve breaking the mains line and inserting the sensing element in series with the load, and this could be dangerous.. hall effect sensors should be good for the job, similar to the ones used in clamp type multi-meters... thanks a
LA 55 has a current output, that is usually converted to a voltage by a shunt. The voltage supply has to be referred to the same ground as the shunt and won't be isolated. A simple level shifting OP circuit can be used to adapt voltange range and offset to your requirements. For moderate accuracy requirements, LEM has hall sensors with 5V supply
or you could use hall effect sensors.
Hi guys, My application is sensing of charging and discharging of battery and giving the hall sensor output to controller which senses only positive voltages. so i need to level shift the output voltage of hall sensor. hall sensor used is LA55-P. Anyone please give me the circuit for interfacing hall sensor voltage and (...)
Hi I don't know what do you want exactly but for current protection and limiting you can easily use a current limiter circuit, you can easily make one with an adjustable regulator such as LM117 and you can find the circuit in its datasheet, for indicating current value you can use a current sensor such as acs712 that is (...)
I want control a BLDC first ) I want change the current from coil to coil by the position of encoder instead of using hall sensors is this posible ? second ) I want determine where the coils start by using an offset from encoder zero point is there an algorithm for determining this offset value ? ( In short I want eliminate (...)
use a magnet and hall sensor. fix the magnet to the table and hall sensor to your measuring circuit.
You might try a "hall effect current sensor" to clamp around the wiring to the original lights. It will indicate when current flows and you can use this to turn on the third light.
Hi, You have to use a shunt resistor or hall-effect sensor for current to voltage conversion. Shunt resistor can be used in small ammeters. The current-to-voltage conversion is done according to the formula V=IR, where V=the voltage, I=current passed, R=shunt resistance. I=V/R. Use this in your microcontroller code by (...)
how did you do it??..m goin to work on it the 1st time..i want to measure a load current(DC) of 500A using micro-controller..m gona use CS3505..and a torroidal core...thats it...thats all i know..m trying to build it on my own..i dont know anything about how much flux is induced in wat core and its relation to the voltage generated on Vout of 35
Hi better visit link under given to under stand how it could be done,here is the formula Amps = ( Ain - 511.5 ) / 20.46
The most common and easiest way is the shunt resistor method. Another popular method is using a hall effect sensor method. You can get those from Austria Microsystems Here is the circuit of a high current circuit as example.
Hello All, I am looking for an isolated voltage sensor (or Transducer) to measure the DC Voltage on my output. My applications is a Full-Bridge DC/DC converter: Vin=30V, Vout= 0 - 60V, Pout = 800W, and fs=200 kHz. (Note: the response of my sensor does not need to be that fast) Digikey has LEM LV 20P for [url=search.digikey.
Any good suggestions where I can get hold of the Allegro ACS758 hall effect current sensor in low quantities with short lead times? I'm in Australia, but shipping costs aren't important. I've already tried RS, Farnell and Digikey - all out of stock and long delays before new stock.
Hello there! I am not sure of the type of the sensor (see attachement), Is it an inductive or hall Effect sensor? I did not find the info. from the company's website, however it looks like an inductive one to me. I need your help pls. Many thanks
Hi Friend Best and better idea used hall effect sensor for good result and accuracy i attached here complete building instructions along with
Hi. I'm thinking about building a simple PMW scurrent source. Disregarding the frequenzy, would a hall censor be a god choice to measure current? I'm thinking this because a high current output measurement will cause a reasonable loss of wattage because the neccesary resistor.
Hi Luca, The chip, which you're probably looking for, is called High Side current Sense Amplifier. For an example, see LT6106 made by Linear Technology. There are others made by Maxim, Zetex and others. By the way, hall effect and magneto-resistive current sensors ICs are usually shielded from external magnetic fields well. Best,
current transducer can either refer to a passive transformer or an active electronic device, e.g. a compensating hall-effect current sensor.