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Hi Glenjoy, I think your idea is not realisable(ie you cannot measure pf of the whole circuit of a house by just plug in a device at an end.hall effect senor will not ba solution to this.Refer any text books or web.There are optical sensor(Faraday Effect)but you cannot use that also in this project.You can only measure
Some good current sensors here:
I would recommend Allegro hall- effect sensors. They even offer now a complete family of current sensors. But with the hall- effect sensors you are able to design an absolutely linear current or voltage sensor according to your demands. By this technology power circuit and current control are isolated (...)
to measure current there is variety of ways... important parameters are frequency of the current and isolation if you need. in low frequencies you can use ac current transformer or a basic resistor... but hall effect sensors really good solution to measure any current . they can measures high frequency ac (...)
it looks like this circuit is attempting to represent the insides of a hall effect sensor. it is close to the real thing... but not quite. how will this circuit handle negative currents, for example an AC signal? it looks like it would read value of zero in this case. also, the bandwidth of current probes is very important. most (...)
absulutely not. instead, connect your inductor/transformer in series with IGBT and hall-effect current sensor. then hit your IGBT with a pulse (say 80uS) and measure the current sensed on an oscilliscope. now you can calculate your inductance via: V = L * dI/dT where V is the bus voltage and dT is your pulse width. dI is found (...)
Hello! I have a hall sensor here and I am trying to make it work with alternating current. The problem is that the output voltage (i.e voltage difference between the two terminals of the sensor) is not sinusoid! It is something like white noise. When you approach a magnet there is some peak visible in the FFT in the desired frequency ok. But its st
So much have been talked about high current sense. Is there anyway to sense a minimum of 10mA to a max 5A DC current ? I have looked at those hall Effect current Sensors from Allegro and realised that they could only sense a minimum of 0.3% of their rated current. For example, 100A rated (...)
i wouldn't say that lem current sensors are cheap. in fact, hall effect are probably the most expensive. calibrated sense resistors are cheap and easy to use, but at 2000A... this might be too high for sense resistor practical? even 0.001 ohm resistor will require 2W dissipation. that kind of heat generated might influence the measurement readi
Hi, I'm looking for a magnetic field sensor (on-off) with very low power comsumption. The hall sensors I've seen use some current to bias the device and so are not suitable. The low power hall devices switch internally this current, so suffer from maximum frequency of operation. Somebody can suggest an interesting (...)
Hi Sensing current with hall sensor is a good solution. But you can also use others tecnologies like: - Magnetoresistive current Sensor. - or Optic current Sensor. try this links Best regards Pendragon