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Hello, I am trying to measure ac current flowing through an ac motor using hall effect current sensor ACS712 with maximum current rating of 5A. The sensor is interfaced to the raspberry pi through an ADC in series with the motor. The problem I am facing is everytime (...)
but the "direct measurement" does not meet my given criteria as this is for my thesis project Suppose you didn't yet understand what a "direct measuring" or "direct reading" hall sensor in contrast to a compensating sensor is, in any case you didn't yet specify your requirements.
i am using acs 20a hall effect sensor it outputs 100mv / amp. i am using this to measure ac motor current, how to measure ac millivolt using 10bid adc my controller is pic18f4620. kindly tel me the measuring technique i am fed up i tried all the methods in google but i cannot get accurate results kindly help . complier used (...)
I am having problem in measuring inductive load current with acs712(20amps) hall effect sensor, for resistive load it works 99% accurately. I am using pic micr 18f4620 this is my sample code While(1) { n1 = 0; j = 0; for(int16 i = 0;i<20;i++) { n1++; Table_sinusoide =get_adc_value(3); delay_us(997); j++; (...)
proposal: ACS712 hall effect sensor to measure the DC current , with galvanic insulation range 0-5A , 0-20A ADC12 bits like MCP3304 4CH 12 bits for : -Amps (analog signal from ACS712) -Battery voltage -temperature LM35DZ (0-50C) 0 -500mV use classic I2C protocole or maybe a specialized device .. see LTC family (...)
Hi everyone, I am trying to measure AC mains current. I have tried making current transformer for ac current measurement but it didn't worked! So I have turned to use this WSH315 hall effect sensor. So can we use it? if yes how? Any help would be appreciated. link for (...)
I want to measure current in a 15 watt bulb when connected to 230 volts AC. Can anybody help me with the AVR code,calculations that I need to make in my code to measure AC current?
I am using an acs712-30a hall effect sensor module for measuring ac current interfaced to adc of atmega16. I have taken load as a 15 watt bulb and my supply is 230v AC. Now, the problem I'm facing is that, I am not getting the proper value of curent. What all formulaes shall I use to get the required value (...)
Is there any hall effect sensor available to measure AC current in a three phase system? I want to interface the hall effect sensor output to the ADC of my microcontroller.
No, voltage measurement alone isn't enough to derive current if you don't know impedance. Can't you use a hall effect sensor to measure current directly?
Anyone, I recently bought a hall effect current sensor (I'm fairly new to this application) as I'm required to build a smart meter. I'm trying to understand how it works using this simple setup: a variable resistor (rated 5A, 240V) connected to the mains. I've got a cord wound around the sensor (as (...)
I am using ACS712 hall effect current sensor. It gives 66mV/A. I am using ADC0808 to read the value of AC current passing through real load. Now the problem is that ADC0808 reads the analog values but i need the peak value of current. How can I read this signal with
Without doing any research, I am assuming that the Arduino is talking to Labview vis the USB port as a serial device? If that is the case you need to have a few layers of hardware and software to do this. 1.) Reading the current and voltage --You can read AC current with either a shunt resistor or a hall effect (...)
allready tested ACS712-5 , range only 5 Amp! and internal shunt is * 1.2 milliOhm for this device if you want extend the range of yours from 30Am to 50Amp AC712 is a magnetical (hall effect) sensor and not specified for the primary conductor resistance. It's a copper bar and the initial resistance variation and temperature drift
Evening gents, We've built the following circuit in the lab for our DC-DC converter for an electric motorcycle. The blocks from left to right are, High speed optoisolator IR2110 Gate driver IC MOSFET Power buffer circuit MOSFET Power Module PMDC Motor ~48V Lead acid battery bank
hall effect sensors.
i am using wcs1600 hall effect current sensor for measuring ac motor current but the out put of hall effect sensor is ac how to connect to microcontroller adc pin, if i convert to dc using diode the output is not leaner pls give any ideas
how about a current transformer? A hall effect sensor?
It's not clear why you would use a hall effect sensor in your design. Output voltage will be primarly kept constant by a voltage control loop. In case you want to use some kind of current feedforward, it could use a current transformer as the output is AC. But if you want a hall (...)
Hi guys. i have A44E435 hall effect sensor, and i think its allegro product, and i can't able to find its pinout. no datasheet is available on net either, kindly help me. Regards.