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//Encoder section of hamming 3 `timescale 100 ps/ 100ps `ifdef SYNTHESIS module encoder(parity, state ); `else module encoder_rtl(parity, state ); `endif parameter N = 4; parameter M = 3; input state; output parity; generate begin
i want to implement hamming3 in fsm ....i need verilog code/.... This is not how things works in forums, including this one. You have to first show what you attempted/achieved so far, and then ask help for a specific problem.
Hi, all! I search H-matrix for expurgated expurgated hamming code (63,56). This code is used for CCSDS tc decoding. The generator polynomial g(x) =x7 +x6 + x2 + 1
hi , i am using verilog code to fix the 12 bit input data . in my module number will be counted before this module and is an input . i want to change the bit number of main_data ( main_data) , because this bit is wrong so it should be toggled , but when its okeii , with every clk this bit changes and i dont want this to happen . i wa
hi, i need the coding for above title
I have to implement hamming code ECC to Single Port RAM and True Dual Port RAM. At the moment 32/64/128 bit HC ECC has been implemented but takes more resources. I know that there is Built-In ECC and Soft ECC for Simple Dual Port RAM and I do not see for Single Port RAM and True Dual Port RAM in the CoreGen. My question is: Is ther
Have you read the following on hamming (7,4) code? Here is an example for a larger one too.
Hello In my OFDM system, I need to apply a hamming and Blackman window in frequency domain. My simulation is on Matlab. I've done a FFT of this window and did its convolution with my data in freq domain, but I'm not getting the desired results. :-( Can anyone help me to do this the correct way ? Thank you.
hello.. i need the matlab code of simple rayleigh fading channels for error correcting code (hamming code). i need to pass the input codeword and obtain the output. pls help me. Thank you
You need 6 extra bits. The hamming codes are perfect, but they don't exist for any number of data bits. Two of them are hamming(31, 26) and hamming(63, 57). The first number is the total number of bits, and the second is the number of data bits. You can take hamming(63, 57) and use only 32 of the 57 (...)
How to measure bit error rate in Matlab using hamming code?
hamming codes are single-error correcting codes, so the minimum distance is 3. Adding another parity bit, it is possible to increase the minimum distance to 4 and detect double bit errors. Look for "extended hamming code". Regards Z
Hello, my final year project is FPGA Implementation of hamming far as I know, I need to write seperate programs for hamming code, ROM, RAM, Clock Divider, Encoder, Decoder, Syndrome, Transmitter , Receiver and Main.The FPGA I'm using is Actel ProASIC 3 A3P250.The problem, I couldn't get the block diagram (...)
hiii........... please give me a solution.
You'd think that by now you've had enough days to learn how to use google to find a generic solution for the various distances. Instead of hoping permute will post another bit of code. What resources did you find yet while googling, and if not why not? Just as a quick test I googled "hamming distance vhdl" and found enough workable material, so go
hi, can anyone send VHDL code for calculating hamming distance between two test vectors. example :v1=1010100011 and v2=0101000111. the hammindg distance is 6. i need VHDL code for this hamming distance calculation. Thanks.
...If a convolutional code is said to correct 2 errors what does it mean exactly ?... The amount of detectable bit errors is related to minimum distance d parameter. For instance, d=2 means that 2 bits can be
Hi, Please i need help with this Matlab code. i am using this melcept function for different samples of me saying the word "one" here is my code =wavread('one.wav'); %Read In Sample a=0.95; aaaa1=filter(,1,aaaaa1); aaa1= melcepst(aaaa1,fs); i get an output for the different samples of me saying one as 54
Hi In order to do error correction of even a single bit you require minimum distance of code to be at least 3. By hamming bound you can easily find that for un-coded data length of 8 bits, minimum redundancy required is that of 4 bits. So, you cannot correct errors with only three bits of redundancy. If you add one more bit to the (...)
Hi Nego Linear block codes can be represented as c=mG where G is the generator matrix. Another way to characterize codes is by the 'parity check matrix' which is the matrix of basis of codes orthogonal to the codes c=mG i.e. cH^T=0 Just multiply the receive code word by H^T. If